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Modern Plagues

Can The Cape save Orwell from The Lich with Dana's help?

Boys to Men

The Lich plans to use an upcoming parade to turn people into terrorist zombies.

Too Much Information

Fleming hires two unstoppable hit men to kill the Cape.

Stand and Deliver

A girl who can see the future seeks revenge on Peter Fleming for killing her father.

Sky High

A masquerade ball brings the potential for Vince to clear his name - if he can stop a heist first.

Keep on Truckin'

Gregor Molotov, the last man to wear the cape, is back and will stop at nothing to reclaim what was once his.

How To...

The Cape must stop Chess and his hired killer Cain from murdering a politician.


Framed for crimes he didn't commit, Vince Faraday becomes a masked crusader "The Cape" to avenge his name and reunite his family.

Unaired Pilot