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Babies, Birthdays and Unfinished Business

Rage Cation

Maurice continues to clash with Kimmi over bringing Monster to Huntsville, and the guys understand why. Melody and Latisha's disagreement reaches its peak. Plus, Melody reveals some big news to Martell.

Cabin Fever

During their annual cabin trip, tension escalates with a game gone wrong. Marsau and Martell lay their issues on the table. Maurice shocks Kimmi when he tells her he invited his ex-wife to move to Huntsville. Melody blames the men for Martell's cheating.

Don't Mess with Exes

The Comeback Group prepares to take a cabin trip to mend their broken friendship. Unbeknownst to Kimmi, Maurice invites his ex-wife and her husband to move to Huntsville. Tisha buys sex toys and Melody seeks more advice about divorce.

Don't Call It a Comeback

Tensions between the couples grown to a boiling point when rumors about Marsau’s infidelity continue, and Melody & Martell’s marriage troubles begin to affect The Comeback Group.

Martell It Like It Is

Martell moves upstairs in an effort to save his marriage. Melody keeps up appearances at a photo shoot. Maurice makes plans to move his son to Huntsville. And Marsau tells Latisha about the rumor Martell is spreading about him having 20 girlfriends.

Old Dog, New Tricks

Melody decides to meet with a divorce attorney. Martell seeks counseling to figure out why he's been unfaithful. Kimmi and Maurice try to reunite the Comeback Group. And Latisha bristles over comments the Holts have been making about her family.

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