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The Newest Little Person

Baby Kinzley arrives; Dawn reveals one of Lila's deepest secrets to the others; Jazmin makes a difficult decision.

It's Go Time

DJ asks Jason to move in with him; Dawn learns more about Lila's scandalous love life; Lila and Dawn confront Katie about PJ.

Jason Gets His Groove Back

Things get explosive when Dawn and David dig up the past. Jason must make a confession to DJ. And an unwelcome guest crashes Katie's baby shower.

A Rough Patch

Katie boyfriend meets the group and discuss their concerns for Katie and her baby's health. Drama erupts when the group visits a pumpkin patch.

Into the Wild

As the rift between Dawn and Jazmin widens, Jason tries to plan a peaceful weekend away for the group that quickly blows up in his face. A secret is revealed that rocks the group and puts someone in danger.

Agree to Disagree

A night of belly dancing gets heated when Jazmin confronts Dawn about being a disappointing sister-in-law. Meanwhile, one of the girl’s receives shocking news about her baby.

New Roommates, New Drama

Jason surprises everyone with his new love interest; one of the ladies has exciting news to reveal; Jazmin's husband makes an announcement that starts a family feud; a surprise guest sends Lila over the edge.