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Shadows of Iron

Pretty Girl Genius Scientist Rachel-chan

Koutetsu no hana

Shinikata ga kimeru ikikata

Oni o Kurau Mono

Kyoki no Tsubasa

Unmei no Hito

Todoku Hikari, Abakareru Kage

Memento Mori

Following Yajima's instructions, Kouichi reaches an abandoned Russian base in search for Emi, but it was only Katou who was waiting for him there. Meanwhile, Yajima questions Emi about her feelings for Kouichi and the rest of the JUDA team struggles to protect Misaki City from an invasion from the enemy.

Kikaijikake no noroi

Tasogare no danzai


Nagareru chi, ushinau wa namida

Sadaku Karei naru Ansatsu

Nankai yori Ai o Komete

Super Nova

Kouichi and Yamashita are met by KATO-KIKAN's new ARMA in outer space. While controlling the satellite weapon, the new ARMA, YAOYOROZU continues its simultaneous assault on different parts of the world. Kouichi's attempts to obliterate YAOYOROZU are thwarted by its incredible maneuverability and speed. The operation to destroy the satellite weapon from the ground also ends in failure. With no options left, even LINEBARREL gets diverted off the combat zone.

Over Drive

Christmas season has arrived. Kouichi is invited to a party Risako is organizing. Kouichi finds out that the JUDA task force is also preparing a Christmas party. Unlike Kouichi, who feels unenthusiastic about this "workplace" party, it is more of a family party for most of the members who consider JUDA their home. The party mood is suddenly interrupted by the news of an American satellite weapon being taken over by the KATO-KIKAN. This would allow the KATO-KIKAN to attack any part of the world. Assigned to shoot down the satellite weapon, Kouichi and Yamashita head into outer space!

Burakku Chenba

Tawamure no Onitachi

Saiaku na Hokago

Akarui Yoru

Asu e no michishirube

Seigi no daishô

Ao no senritsu

Kouichi has caused massive damage to the town during his battle on LINEBARREL fighting the secret organization KATO-KIKAN. Kizaki feels guilty for getting the citizens entangled in the battle, but Kouichi himself has no such notion, truly believing that he is the hero of justice. Then, VARDANT, controlled by JUDA's ace pilot Reiji Moritsugu, appears before Kouichi.

Shissôsuru seigi

Kurogane to shônen