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Link: Experiment #251

Snafu: Experiment #120

Woops: Experiment #600

Lilo and Mertle are on a hunt to find buried treasure when Experiment 251, "Link" binds them together with blue goo! Soon after binding Jumba & Pleakley, as well as Nani & Stitch, he is captured by Gantu.

Glitch: Experiment #223

Lilo hits a snafu when she tries to rescue all the experiments captured by Gantu.

Ace: Experiment #262

Jumba's latest invention gives their house a mind of its own.

Mrs. Hasagawa's Cats

Lilo and Stitch discover dozens of experiments all at once--running around Mrs. Hasagawa's living room like cats! When the Evil Genius Organization accuses Jumba of having gone good, Lilo sets out to help prove he's still evil.

Remmy: Expreriment #276

It's the anniversary of the death of their parents and Nani understands Lilo's need to sleep the day away. But with Experiment #276 on the loose, designed to enter dreams and make them everlasting nightmares, Lilo's happy memories are at stake.

Lax: Experiment #285

The Recess kids help Lilo catch an experiment that makes everyone lazy.


Lilo's eavesdropping helps Hamsterviel find his new replacement for Gantu...Mertle!

Shush: Experiment #234

Lilo teams with Kim Possible to save Stitch from Dr. Drakken. Meanwhile, Jumba thinks that Rufus is one of his missing experiments!

Bugby: Experiment #128

An experiment turns Lilo and Stitch into bugs.

Phoon: Experiment #540

Lilo changes her image and her identity to join a new Hula Fusion Studio.

Wishy-Washy: Experiment #267

Lilo tries to turn David into the Perfect Man for Nani with a wish granting experiment.

Heckler: Experiment #322

An experiment that heckles people is activated while Pleakley performs stand up comedy.

Spats: Experiment #397

Lilo prepares for the grand re-opening of Jumba & Pleakley's Bed Not Breakfast!

Morpholomew: Experiment #316

Jake Long is in Kauai for a skateboarding contest. A series of mistaken identities bring Jake, Lilo and Stitch together.

Belle: Experiment 248

Lilo takes on Mertle's bet to prove the existence of the island's Night Marchers and the two set out with Jumba, Pleakley and Stitch. While the screams in the dark don't turn out to be Night Marchers, Lilo instead discovers and rescues Experiment #248, "Belle" from Gantu's grip.

Retro: Experiment #210

Stitch encounters an experiment that reverts objects, animals, and people to a primitive state.

Snooty: Experiment #277

An experiment is drawn to Victoria!

Ploot: Experiment #505

Lilo tries to save Kokaua from a pollution-spewing experiment by herself after Stitch gets sick.

PJ: Experiment #133

A practical joker helps Lilo teach her teacher not to be such a disciplinarian.

Checkers: Experiment #029

When Lilo places crown shaped Experiment 029 on her head, she becomes king!

Skip: Experiment #089

Lilo's hurry to grow up is immediately satisfied upon the arrival of Experiment 089, "Skip," designed to skip ahead 10 years at a time. At 17, Lilo realizes she missed getting her driver's license but at 27 she finds that since she's missed capturing experiments, Hamsterviel now rules.

Slick: Experiment #020

Lilo and Stitch aren't doing very well selling their candy bars for the Hale Kaiulu's annual fundraiser until they team up with Experiment 020, "Slick." While programmed to sell anything to anybody, Lilo soon learns the hard way that 020 is not designed to stop.

Shoe: Experiment #113

Lilo decides to help out with the household finances and convinces Jumba and Pleakley to turn their spaceship into a "Bed, Not Breakfast." However, bad luck Experiment 113 "Shoe" arrives and things go awry!

Swapper: Experiment #355

Chaos ensues as brain swapping Experiment 355, "Swapper," switches Lilo's brain with Stitch's and Jumba's brain with Pleakley's.

Frenchfry: Experiment #062

Nani's on a nutritious kick and restricts Lilo's diet to healthy foods. But when Experiment 062, "Frenchfry," arrives, Lilo, Stitch and Pleakley indulge in every snack he makes.

Spike: Experiment #319

Experiment 319, "Spike," invented to increase one's silly goof factor by 99% is on the loose and infects Stitch.