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Drowsy: Experiment #350

Lilo has overextended her schedule and has a hard time keeping up with her commitments. Things are made worse when a sleep inducing experiment is set loose causing everyone to fall asleep.

Bad Stitch

To help Nani who is short on cash, Stitch offers himself to a scientist conducting a study on aliens. The scientist turns out to be Hamsterviel in disguise and makes Stitch evil again. It's up to Lilo to return him to good.

Slugger: Experiment #608

Lilo uses an experiment that is great at deflecting incoming missiles to be the batter for her baseball team.

Bonnie & Clyde: Experiments #149 & #150

Lilo is tired of being bossed around by Nani and falls in with two bad experiments that tempt her and Stitch into behaving very badly.

Baby-Fier: Experiment #151

Nani says Lilo's too young to go to a scary movie. Lilo and Stitch catch an experiment that turns people into babies. But Lilo quickly learns that being the "responsible adult" in the family is tough work.

Sample: Experiment #258

A UFO convention is being held on the island and two alien hunters track a new experiment, "Sample", to Lilo's house. Lilo and Stitch must keep the hunters from blowing their cover at the convention.

HunkaHunka: Experiment #323

A love-inducing experiment creates chaos when it makes almost everyone fall in love with Aunt Pleakley. Lilo tries to use it on Keoni to get him to ask her to the dance but he, too, falls for Aunt Pleakley.

Poxy: Experiment #222

A microscopic experiment infects Pleakley and makes him sick, forcing Lilo and Stitch to shrink down for a "fantastic voyage" inside his body to prove that even little people can make a difference.

Felix: Experiment 010

Lilo discovers that an experiment designed for cleaning can be very useful after she and Stitch trash the house. However, things get out of hand when the experiment goes overboard and takes Lilo and Stitch out with the trash as well.

Angel: Experiment 624

Gantu unleashes experiment 624 - a pretty and seductive version of Stitch who quickly has Stitch eating out of her hand while she travels the island turning repurposed experiments back to evil. Also, Lilo tries to get her slug circus in shape.

Short Stuff: Experiment 297

Stitch isn't big enough to go on the rides at the carnival so he uses Jumba's growth ray to become big. Meanwhile, an experiment is on the loose at the carnival and is using his electrical power to short out the rides.

Dupe: Experiment #344

After no one shows up to her slumber party, Lilo uses a duplicating experiment to make a bunch of Lilos. However, Stitch intervenes and the experiment makes 3 new Stitches. Lilo adopts the Stitches as her own posse.

Slushy: Experiment #523

During a heat wave in Kaui, Lilo finds a snow making experiment. Lilo turns her front yard into a winter wonderland and shows Stitch, who's reluctant to try it, how much fun snow can be.

Finder: Experiment #428

Lilo uses an experiment with a knack for finding things to track down Hamsterviel who has escaped the prison asteroid. Meanwhile, Mertle has found Hamsterviel and has imprisoned him in a hamster cage.

Nosy: Experiment #199

Nani's up for a job at a hotel and has Mr. Jameson and his son Keoni over for brunch to seal the deal. Unfortunately, an experiment who's sole purpose is to reveal secrets exposes Lilo's crush on Keoni and puts Nani's job offer in jeopardy.

Sinker: Experiment #602

The upcoming regatta is put on hold when a boat destroying experiment is activated. After the X-buggy is destroyed in an attempt to capture "Sinker", the gang boards a luxury cruise ship where they must figure out a new plan.

Houdini: Experiment #604

Lilo and Stitch must catch an invisible experiment which, when it makes Stitch invisible, creates even more chaos and eventually makes the whole town disappear. Meanwhile, Pleakley takes a stab at home decorating.

Melty: Experiment 228

Lilo embarrasses herself in front of Keoni and uses Jumba's time machine surfboard to go back in time to have the conversation over again. In the meantime, an experiment that melts objects is unleashed on Nani's hotel.

Topper: Experiment 025

When Stitch sees an experiment pod being gift-wrapped in a generic package at the mall he proceeds to steal every Christmas present in sight in order to capture it.

The Asteroid

An asteroid heading towards earth leads Lilo and Stitch to take a band of reformed experiments on a space ship to destroy it. Meanwhile, Jumba has to choose between returning to his home planet and saving earth.

627: Experiment 627

Stitch's recent successes at catching and re-purposing Experiments have gone to his head. Jumba has created an even more impressive experiment, the ultra evil 627, with all of Stitch's strengths and none of his weaknesses.

Yaarp: Experiment 613

An air horn experiment makes Stitch go deaf, forcing earless Pleakley to hunt the experiment down. Meanwhile, Lilo ponders writing city hall to prove that little people can make a difference.

Elastico: Experiment 345

When Lilo neglects Stitch in order to prepare for a big hula performance, Stitch finds a new ohana at the town circus. At the circus, he finds a prankster cousin working as a clown.

Sprout: Experiment 509

A county fair tempts Lilo into activating a horticultural experiment to beat Mertle in the orchid competition only to have it turn into an out-of-control weed. Meanwhile, Stitch becomes fascinated with cowboys and enters a bull-riding competition.

Tank: Experiment 526

Lilo wins over all of Mertle's friends when she wins tickets to take them to a Medieval Festival, leaving Mertle alone until she unwittingly joins Stitch in chasing a metal-eating experiment.

Fibber: Experiment 032

When Pleakley's family tells him he has to enter an arranged marriage, Pleakley pretends to marry Nani. This creates chaos when Pleakley's family shows up at the same time that a lie-detecting experiment beeps at the slightest fib.

Swirly: Experiment 383

A popular TV show that showcases people with unusual skills is coming to Kauai and everyone's excited about it but Lilo. A hypnotizing experiment causes Lilo to behave exactly like Mertle, and it makes Stitch the show's biggest fan.

Amnesio: Experiment 303

An amnesia-inducing experiment erases memories, leading Stitch to revert to his evil ways, Gantu to think he's a police officer, and Lilo to think she's Gantu's partner. After they learn who they really are, Gantu sets the experiment free.

Splodyhead: Experiment 619

Lilo and Stitch follow a plasma-ball-throwing experiment to "Forbidden Island "where they're stranded without food and shelter, forcing them to become "Survivors" by working with Gantu and 625.

Kixx: Experiment 601

Stitch eats a macadamia nut and loses all his powers at the same time that a kick-boxing experiment shows up, forcing Lilo to retrain Stitch for their final confrontation.