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Episode 12: Aquaniana

8min - Madison and Valerie teach the humans about Aquaniana, the mermaid holiday!

Stanley's Story

17min - The Mermaids and friends must stop an ancient sea god from in order to reunite land and sea and to save the world.

The Island

10min - Madison, Beatrice, and Nat must save Liam, Valerie, and Will from a group of evil sea monsters, while the Barnacle King attempts to complete his wicked plan.

Fish in a Barrel

11min - Disguised as a sea cucumber, Stanley gains the Barnacle King's trust as they search for a mystical old clam while Madison, Beatrice and Nat follow close behind...


10min - Valerie, Will, and Liam track the creature that stole the relics to the Santa Barbara sunken house, a mansion that has been under the sea for decades. However, they are not prepared to face who and what they find there...


11min - When a mysterious, evil sea creature steals all the relics, the team splits up. Valerie travels back to the dark pool to find clues, while Madison and her human friends dress up Stanley to go undercover...

Mermaid Sushi

10min - After Valerie and temporary-mermaid Beatrice put the finishing touches on fixing the mirror, Madison must decide whether or not she wants to turn back into a mermaid.

Dead End

11min - While Valerie travels to an ancient forbidden pool to find a magical rock, Madison and her friends must face a crazy sea captain on their quest for the immortal Chrono-fish.


15min - While Valerie must do all kinds of weird underwater magic to repair the mirror, Will takes Madison on a date, and the guys go out looking for a long lost French oceanographer...

In the Net

12min - After Madison loses her tail, she and her friends must find one of the five magical relics to turn her back into a mermaid before the Barnacle King can get to it. Meanwhile, Valerie explores a magical lagoon...

Fish Outta Water

12min - Valerie and her friend Nat must figure out how to get her mermaid sister Madison back from hyperspace. But that is only the beginning of their troubles...

Return of the Fish

11min - Eve, a mermaid super-fan, asks Valerie and Madison to turn her into a mermaid, but when they say no she takes matters into her own hands...