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41min - The two remaining duos go head-to-head as they create their most epic master builds yet.

Star Wars

41min - Contestants build droids and replicate iconic scenes inspired by the "Star Wars" franchise.

Good Vs. Evil

40min - Contestants create evil lairs and fly vehicles through their Lego worlds; actor Terry Crews.


41min - The contestants must interpret a story that is read aloud from a book selected for this competition.

Need for Speed, Super-Bridges

41min - The remaining teams must build a car and a strong bridge; the creations are stress tested.

Mega City Block

41min - The contests each build a city block that is brought together as a huge city at the end.

Movie Genres

41min - Phil Lord and Christopher Miller task the contestants with a movie-themed challenge.

Cut in Half

41min - Watch an all-new episode TONIGHT at 9/8c on FOX! Each team builds the other half of an everyday object that has been sliced in two.

Space Smash

41min - Watch an all-new episode TONIGHT at 9/8c. Each duo must create a space-themed build; the creations are smashed in slow motion.

Dream Park Theme Park

41min - Watch an all-new episode TONIGHT at 9/8c. The pairs of contestants are introduced; each duo must craft one section of a theme park.