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Darken Rahl and his Mord'Sith find Richard and Kahlan just as they are preparing to unleash the power of Orden, which would destroy the sinister tyrant once and for all. The resulting explosion of power consumes the Seeker, leaving Kahlan in the clutches of Rahl.


Darken Rahl takes an unlikely captive in a violent attempt to get his hands on the Three Boxes of Orden - the final keys he needs to unlock the power of total world domination. Meanwhile, time is running out for Kahlan and Zedd as they fall victim to a horrific plague unleashed by Rahl.


With news that a prophetic manuscript lies hidden in a nearby village, the Seeker embarks on a desperate race with the ruthless Darken Rahl to locate the ancient book. If Richard finds it in time, he could learn how to defeat the evil Rahl and rescue the world from total destruction.


To protect his kingdom from Darken Rahl's D'Haran soldiers, a king asks the help of Shota, the witch woman. Her magic transforms him, nightly, into a vicious beast that slays the soldiers. But when the creature turns on his own people, The Seeker is called upon to stop the murders.


Two opportunistic thieves plot to steal the Sword of Truth by using magic to disguise themselves as Richard and Kahlan. Meanwhile, the real Richard must battle a lethal Mord' Sith in order to free himself and Kahlan from the evil clutches of Darken Rahl's brutal D'Haran soldiers.


In an effort to crush the resistance, Darken Rahl enlists the help of his evil sorcerers to create lethal weaponry that wipes out entire villages. Richard infiltrates an enemy camp in order to steal the deadly weapons from the D'Harans.


Darken Rahl enlists the help of Denna, a dangerous Mord-Sith, to locate the Third Box of Orden and give him the final key to world domination. Meanwhile, Richard's quest to thwart Rahl's evil plan leads to a startling revelation about his friend, Zedd.


Darken Rahl is determined to have his personal wizard, Giller, harness a powerful magical force that will help Rahl enslave the world. But Richard's attempts to rescue his friends from the sadistic wizard's deadly experiments send him into his first explosive face-to-face confrontation with the evil Rahl.


When Darken Rahl establishes a foothold in the Seeker's hometown, Richard, Kahlan and Chase must journey through the boundary to save Hartland from the forces of darkness. But once there, Richard and his companions find that the villagers have welcomed the evil D'Harans with open arms.


A journey to the crypt of an ancient Seeker named Kieran puts Richard and Kahlan in grave danger.


Kahlan and Zedd try to free Richard from a wizard's mysterious spell before threatening secrets are revealed.


While investigating a series of murders among members of the resistance, Kahlan's faith in her ability as a Confessor is shaken.


Kahlan learns her sister is alive, and disguises herself as a Mord'Sith in order to free her from a D'Haran prison.


Zedd goes undercover in enemy territory in an attempt to outsmart Darken Rahl and retrieve the third and final Box of Orden.


Richard's will is tested when a Mord'Sith named Denna turns his powers against him.


Richard must avert a vision of his death at the hands of Darken Rahl?s most trusted aide, the treacherous Demmin Nass.


In a village where anyone can buy magic, Zedd faces off against a dangerous wizard who was once his student.


Their deepest secrets threaten to tear apart Richard and Kahlan when they rescue a mind-reading child from the clutches of Darken Rahl's deadly troops.


A city under siege and a shocking discovery about his past confront Richard Cypher when he returns to his birthplace.


When Darken Rahl offers a reward to anyone who captures the Seeker, deadly mercenaries set their sights on Richard Cypher, turning him from hunter to hunted.


In a distant land, Richard Cypher discovers his true destiny as he, a mysterious young woman, a wise old wizard and a magical sword are all that stand between the evil tyrant Darken Rahl and his quest for total domination.


In a distant land, Richard Cypher discovers his true destiny as he, a mysterious young woman, a wise old wizard and a magical sword are all that stand between the evil tyrant Darken Rahl and his quest for total domination.

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