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On Borrowed Time

Keep the operatives, kill the love. Still determined to end the Michael/Nikita romance, Section carries out a plan to erase Nikita's emotions of love. Birkoff schemes to save Walter from forced retirement.

Playing with Fire

Michael and Nikita's burning love could get them scorched - especially when Madeline and Operations suspect that the pair's secret liaisons are covers for planning the takeover of Section.

Three Eyed Turtle

Enough's enough. Madeline responds to the increased cruelty of Operations and makes what may be a gambit to gain Section control by conspiring with Oversight to undermine the Section One chief.

Any Means Necessary

It's not an external assignment. It's a death sentence. Birkoff thinks Operations intends to have him killed when the communications expert is placed inside a youthful terrorist cult.

Third Party Ripoff

Divide and conquer: Section command, concerned that Michaell's relationship with Nikita will affect his judgement, schemes to end the romance. Birkoff and Walter woo the same woman.

All Good Things

Power politics: Michael assumes full command while Operations is away... and may not be very willing to relinquish control when he returns. Charges of Michael's favouritism towards Nikita arise.

I Remember Paris

A severe security breach leads to the order to evacuate and incinerate Section One HQ and sets in motion a fierce field operation to find and terminate the person who could compromise the whole Section network.

Before I Sleep

She's cramming all the can into the days she has left. A terminally ill civilian who happens to look like a known terrorist is recruited by Section, given a crash-course in spying and sent on an infiltration mission.

Hand to Hand

An assignment puts Nikita inside a modelling agency that's a front for prostitution... and for female death matches held for the amusement of the male clientele. Operations has an affair with an Oversight ops.

Beyond the Pale

The only thing better for Nikita than getting out of Section forever is getting out with Michael. It appears that may be happening when Michael asks her to escape with him. But appearances can deceive.

Threshold of Pain

When a mission-gone-wrong results in the disclosure of a Section substation, Nikita is falsely blamed for the breach of security and faces termination.

Walk on By

Nothing clouds an agent's future like the past. Walter can't resist a rendezvous with an old flame. And attempts by Nikita's mother to find her daughter could result in the elder woman being hushed by Section assassins.

Under the Influence

Nikita poses as the fiancee of an unsuspecting, memory-cleansed terrorist linked to the potential sale of anthrax rockets. The man represents everything Nikita loathes. But, strangely she's falling in love.

Slipping Into Darkness

Operations is known to be remote and ruthless yet always coldly logical... until now. A psychotropic drug renders him delusional and untrustworthy. But there may be a method to his madness.

Outside the Box

Do. Or die. Section One uses a murder frame-up to compel a civilian with a photographic memory to join the team, causing Nikita to suspect that she may also have been entrapped by Section in a similar way.

Cat and Mouse

Double trouble! While Nikita is held hostage by Red Cell, the terrorist group plants a look-alike Nikita inside Section One and forces the real Nikita to provide remote guidance to the mole.

Love and Country

To eliminate a popular politician who may have ties to terrorism, Section enacts a methodical campaign aimed at driving his wife to a murderous rage. One complicating factor: the woman is the ex of Operations.

Imitation of Death

Nikita is Section's operative inside the lair of a sadistic entrepreneur who turns kids into killers and sells them to terrorists. What she finds there is shocking. What she later finds inside Section is even more so.

Gates of Hell

The loss of his family leaves Michael shattered and ineffective - a condition that Section will not long tolerate in any agent. Birkoff finds a file that could have damaging implications for Operations.

Opening Night Jitters

Michael's new assignment: prison and his wife Elena. But what Michael can't do, Section will. It puts Elena's health in danger in hopes of bringing her after, a notoriously elusive terrorist, to the surface...

Someone Else's Shadow

Michael's secret: he's in an arranged marriage - arranged by Section to reel in Vacek, his wife's after and a financier of global terrorism. The marriage has lasted three years, and now it's close to landing Vacek.

Looking for Michael

What to do about ops who know too much about the death of Section's creator? Kill them all: Nikita scrambles to avoid becoming a victim... and discovers a secret about Michael while doing so.