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End Game

Adrian's Garden

In Between

An exiled ex-operative who was Madeline's husband finds a way to reconnect with Section and wants to come in from the cold. But Operations has his own way of reconnecting. He orders Nikita to kill the man.

Last Night

Section - and Madeline in particular - confronts an A.I. supercomputer that masterminds an elusive terror operation. Michael's temporary command of Section leads to a political showdown with Operations.

Off Profile

It's just business. Nothing personal. On orders from Section, Michael romances and seduces the group's new profiler. But when the truth comes out, the profiler isn't willing to love and let live.

Inside Out

Section One goes into lockdown after Red Cell slips an anthrax variant into the complex. Meanwhile, on the outside, agents Nikita and Michael seek the medical authority who reportedly possesses the antidote.

Old Habits

Her job is to complete the mission without question or qualm. But working with a Section-sanctioned informant who is a contemporary Jack the Ripper may be more than Nikita can bear.

Fuzzy Logic

In order to crack a baffling terrorist code, a boy wonder who graduated college at 13 is recruited in the Section way (i.e. kidnapped). Will he be returned to the everyday world after the job.

Double Date

An enemy hitman long believed to be dead resurfaces as a Section operative. But the agent's true intentions show when he kidnaps Nikita and issues his ransom demand.

Not Was

Michael returns from Red Cell captivity in a confused state - a condition that could lead to his cancellation. Operations is jealous over Madeline's interest in a Valentine ops (an agent used to romance enemy spies).

Soul Sacrifice

Nikita befriends an operative whose mission performance is complicated by a secret: she's pregnant. Walter faces the dreaded "Three Year," Section's mysterious psych interrogation of senior members.

Psychic Pilgrim

Agents Michael and nikita are working under covers. They set up house in the 'burbs and pose as a husband and his psychically gifted wife in order to get close to an attorney linked to a terrorist outfit.

First Mission

Nikita's first assignment as mission leader is complicated by a rebellious team member whose attitudes are much like Nikita's... and who also happens to be in love with Michael.

Open Heart

An unsuspecting human has been implanted with a bomb - one destined to go off at a key world enclave. Nikita poses as a prisoner in order to befriend the jailed woman who my know the bomber's identity.

Darkness Visible

The mission is clear: find and eliminate an arms dealer in the battle-torn Balkans. But the discovery of the two children separated from their parents by the war adds a complicating element to the assignment.

Half Life

Mandatory Refusal

Michael's assignment: eliminate a notorious arms merchant. But when Operations realises the assignment might imperil the recently kidnapped Madeline, he issues a new order: kill Michael!

New Regime

Nikita now has what she always lacked - unquestioned authority. But her promotion to second-in-command by Section's temporary chief may be little more than an attempt by him to grab permanent control.

Approaching Zero

Why does Jurgen have so much independence within Section? If Michael finds the answer it could undermine the special operative's game plan... and turn him into a spy whose days are numbered.

Third Person

Will romantic entanglement erode the effectiveness of the fight against terror? There's no room in Section One for emotional involvement - especially when it's a volatile Michael-Nikita-Jurgen triangle.

Spec Ops

Can Nikita and Michael make everyone believe the story about the duration of her Freedom League captivity? Jurgen, a suspicious special operative overseeing Nikita's retraining, is asked to ferret out the truth.

Hard Landing

Nikita: Lost... and found. She's vanished, escaping Section for a return to the workday world. But when Freedom League kidnaps her, Michael develops a bold plan to bring her back to a life of spying.