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Total obedience. That's what's expected of Nikita. But she doesn't have the heard to obey an order to destroy a naive young inventor... and Section responds by sending her on a suicide mission.


Judge, jury, executioner. A band of insurgents is bent on becoming all three when it overruns the Inaugural Ball of a strife-torn nation's new leader. Among the hostages held by the rebels: Nikita.


Section needs a volunteer, and Nikita is the one volunteered. She's subjected to a mind-control machine that's come into the organisation's possession... and secretly falls under the machine's deadly sway.


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, especially is the knowledge is about Section. A police detective's investigation of a serial rapist inadvertently puts him too much in the way and too much in the know.


This assignment could be the way out Nikita's been seeking. In exchange for her freedom, she agrees to protect one of the targets of a Section sting - a target who happens to be the son of Section's top exec.


Torture Nikita and she won't crack. Torture Michael and she's likely to let her feelings for him get in the way. Red Cell holds the two agents, subjecting them to a painful inquisition to discover the location of Section's command centre.


In the high-tech, high-risk world of covert ops, emotions do not compute. A brush with death during a mission rattles the emotions of Section's top electronic wiz and puts him at risk of being cancelled.


Love is just part of the job. To obtain a book containing high-level secrets about nations allied with Section, Michael woos the vulnerable wife of a hitman who knows where the book is hidden.


He skilled, deadly and refuses to crack. Extreme interrogation techniques have no effect on a terrorist (Harris Yulin) who knows the whereabouts of a cache of Cobalt 60... but Section may yet have ploys that no terrorist would suspect.


It's not a pass/fail program that Section newcomers face. It's do or die. Nikita fully empathises with their plight. However, there's no room for compassion when she's asked to decide the fate of a new recruit.


Terrorists sneak a nuclear device into the country and Section finds that it's only hope of locating it rests on a childlike pizza deliveryman (Maury Chaikin) who witnessed something suspicious.


Mission accomplished - but the cost is high when Michael is injured and left behind after a raid on a chemical weapons plant. Rescuing Michael is the new mission. And it leads to the revelation of a troubling Section secret.


Is there room for romance in Nikita's dangerous life? Her relationship with an architect compromises her on-the-job effectiveness... and could put her beau in the crosshairs of rival agents and Section One alike.


The secret is out. Someone has hacked into Section's computer and stolen the personnel file. The thief may have planted the microdisc with the file of an unsuspecting civilian - a man that Nikita is asked to woo.


Someone has been watching Nikita - someone who now comes forward and offers a foolproof way of slipping free of Section's grasp. Is it the opportunity Nikita has sought? Or is it a covert test of her loyalty?


Her probation status is over, but that only mires Nikita deeper in the workings of Section. Yet one thing about Nikita may never change: her willingness to sidestep regulations in order to help the innocent.


'Til death do us part. Nikita and Michael pose as a hip and somewhat kinky married couple in order to work on the inside of a group bent on unleashing a deadly nerve gas.


Nikita is going home - to a family she never knew. She poses as the long-lost daughter of a female terrorist whose posh lifestyle stands to grow more luxurious when she finds a buyer for a stolen nuclear device.


Philanthropist Alec Chandler puts his money where his heart is; he helps rescue homeless children from the streets. But the more Nikita learns about him, the closer she gets to revealing Chandler's dark secret.


Nikita's infiltration of a terrorist cell's subterranean ops centre leads to the astonishing discovery of a captive woman long thought to be dead - Michael's wife.


Knowing Nikita can be a dangerous thing. A childhood friend who contacts the Section operative suddenly finds her life in great peril. But an even greater peril awaits Nikita as she tries to protect her friend.


Looks that can kill - and a knowhow that's deadlier. Nikita says goodbye to her past and plunges into the world of training and danger when forced to join the secret anti-terroist group Section One.

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