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The Sentry

Kolchak fears that the creature guarding prehistoric eggs in an underground archive is responsible for the deaths of several people. Kathie Browne guest stars.

The Youth Killer

Young patrons of a dating service are turning up dead - of old age. Kolchak investigates and discovers that the head of the dating service is a woman who is not what she appears.

The Knightly Murders

Various Chicago citizens are being killed with medieval weaponry. Upon investigating, Kolchak finds that the murders were all tied to the conversion of a small museum into a disco.

Legacy of Terror

Clues at the scenes of four bizarre murders lead Kolchak to believe that ancient Aztec sacrificial rites are being re-enacted. Erik Estrada guest stars.

Demon in Lace

On a college campus, young men are dying of heart attacks. When Kolchak investigates, he finds that the men were associated with a professor who is researching an ancient Middle East tablet.


A motorcycle driven by a headless rider attempts to run Kolchak down. Jim Backus, Larry Linville and Art Metrano guest star.

The Trevi Collection

Kolchak fears that a witch may be behind a series of murders in the fashion industry. Nina Foch guest stars.

Primal Scream

Creatures that grew from cells in an eight-million-year-old soil sample go on a rampage in Chicago, and Kolchak must stop them.

Mr. R.I.N.G.

A military robot, programmed with a survival instinct, turns on its creator when it learns that it is to be deactivated. Corrine Michaels and Julie Adams guest star.

Horror in the Heights

The elderly residents of Roosevelt Heights are dying. As Kolchak investigates, he discovers a sinister possibility for the culprit.

The Energy Eater

Kolchak investigates when a series of deaths and strange accidents occurs at a new hospital built on the site of an Indian god's former home. William Smith guest stars.

The Spanish Moss Murders

A series of deaths have nothing in common, except that each victim's chest was crushed, and Spanish moss was found near each. Probing the murders, Kolchak discovers a link between them.

Bad Medicine

Kolchak investigates the apparent suicides of wealthy women and links their deaths to a creature who has been killing them for their jewelry. Alice Ghostley and Richard Kiel guest star.

The Devil's Platform

When a series of mysterious deaths and a mysterious black dog with a pentagram for a dog tag plague the election trail of a senator, Kolchak investigates. Tom Skerritt guest stars.


A series of mysterious deaths plagues the life of conductor Ryder Bond, and as Kolchak investigates, he discovers a spirit who is trying to take over the musician's body. Fred Beir guest stars.

The Werewolf

When cruise passengers and crew members are found mauled under the light of the full moon, Kolchak suspects he's found a much bigger story involving a werewolf.

The Vampire

When devil worshippers are suspected of several murders, Kolchak believes that a vampire is to blame, so he tries to hunt it down and stop it.

They Have Been, They Are, They Will Be...

A bizarre force that sucks the bone marrow out of living creatures sweeps through Chicago. Kolchak realizes he's onto a huge story - if he can find out what this force is.

The Zombie

Kolchak witnesses a murder committed by a man he swears he's seen before - lying dead in the morgue.

The Ripper

A serial killer who preys on women haunts Chicago, and Kolchak comes to believe that the culprit is the original Jack the Ripper.