Graduation: Part 2

Graduation: Part 1

Larry's Birthday

Nursery Crimes

During his birthday party, Kim's cousin Larry is kidnapped by Dementor, who gets more than he bargained for. Larry thinks the supervillain and his lair are all an elaborate Role Playing Game set up by Kim's family, and acts accordingly, helping Dementor to take down Kim. Will Kim and Ron be able to snap Larry out of it in time to save themselves?

Chasing Rufus

Homecoming Upset

Ron and Bonnie win Homecoming King and Queen and Kim is outraged, but not for long, as she has to help Wade track down his genius boss, who's been kidnapped by Senor Senior Jr. When Kim discovers Bonnie hitting on Ron, she finds out Bonnie's been dumped and the search to find Bonnie her Mr. Right is on! Little do they realize Kim's mission to retrieve Wade's boss and her mission to find Bonnie a man are about to intersect!

Clean Slate

When Drakken steals the Memory Recovery Machine in order to recall his ingenious plan to take over the world, things don't exactly go as planned and the machine ends up exploding all over Kim. Kim's fine, save for one small problem…she can't remember anything! Can Ron help her re-learn everything...including the all important fact that they're dating, and bring back the old Kim before it's too late?

Oh No! Yono!

Ron suspects something isn't quite right with his baby sister HANA STOPPABLE, and when MONKEY FIST breaks into the museum in search of clues to find an ally of unimaginable destructive power, it leads him right to Ron's sister! Now Ron must mentor Han if she's to have any hope of defeating Monkey Fist.

The Mentor of Our Discontent

Mathter and Fervent

When Ron is assigned to write about his hero for English class and is told he can't write about Kim, he's at a loss! However, when he and Kim go up against the Mathter who uses his Calculaser to divide Ron in two, a positive Ron and a negative "anti" Ron. Now it's all up to Ron's dad to save the day with his math skills and show Ron that he has a hero close to home.

Cap'n Drakken

Stop Team Go!

When the evil Electronique zaps the heroic TEAM GO with the "Attitude Adjuster" it turns them evil and the normally evil Shego heroic! Now Kim's stuck with a goodie goodie Shego who wants to be her best friend and an evil superteam. Will Kim be able to turn TEAM GO back to the side of right, and will Shego stay on the side of the angels?

Odds Man In

Fashion Victim

Big Bother

Clothes Minded

Kim's mission wear is discontinued, and she is forced to find different apparel. Trying everyone, from her parents to Bonnie to the Tweebs' advice on her clothing, Kim must manage to defeat the bad guys and find a new Kim Possible outfit!

Grande Size Me

Ron goes on an all Bueno Nacho diet to prove that the Food Pyramid is a horrible health conspiracy, but when he starts to grow too big for his britches (literally!), Kim thinks it may be time for him to admit defeat. During a mission, Ron falls into a vat of serum that slowly changes him into a 15 foot behemoth and the only way to stop him is for Kim and the Tweebs to trick him into eating healthy food from the Food Pyramid!

Mad Dogs and Aliens

Jim & Tim take over Middleton High’s mascot duties, much to Ron’s frustration, and Drakken gets broken out of prison by an alien who worships him, much to Shego’s frustration.

Car Alarm

Kim desperately wants a car, and her father finally gives her…an old beater, which the Tweebs trick out just in time to help stop Motor Ed and Shego who've stolen an experimental rocket.

The Cupid Effect

Wade has fallen for Monique and she doesn't reciprocate…at all! When Ron's smooth stylings fail to work for Wade he devises the Cupid Ray to make Monique swoon! When the device falls into Senior Sr. and Senior Jr.'s hands, it'll be a Valentine's Day to remember!

Trading Faces

As Ron searches for the perfect job, Senior Junior breaks Shego out of prison in order to help him give his father the perfect birthday gift…the perfect caper! With Kim foiling the villains at every turn, Junior is forced to steal his father's card buddy, and Ron's idol.

The Big Job

Ill Suited

After eavesdropping on one of Kim's conversations, Ron misunderstands and thinks she's going to dump him for someone better. To prove his worthiness as a boyfriend, he steals Kim's super suit to use in the upcoming football game…with disastrous results when Dementor comes calling.