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Who Is the Better Boxer?

Who Can Live in a Van the Longest?

Who Can Win a Court Case?

Who Will Use Their Arms First?

Who Can Survive in the Woods the Longest?

Who Is the Best Figure Skater?

Who Is the Best Male Stripper?

Who Is the Best Actor?

Who Makes the Most Convincing Woman?

Who Is the Strongest?

Who Do Kids Like Most?

Who Is the Best Parent?

Who Can Put on the Best Concert?

Who Can Stay Handcuffed the Longest?

Who Can Lose the Most Weight?

Who Can Win a Series of Mini-competitions?

Who Can Win a Beauty Pageant?

Who Can Stay Blindfolded the Longest?

Who Do Girls Like More?

Who Can Earn the Most Money in Three Days?

Who Is the Sanest

Who Can Sit on a Cow the Longest?

Who Can Stand Up the Longest?

Who Is the Better Chef?

Who Can Stay Awake the Longest?

Who Is the Best Fashion Designer?