Stream, lej eller køb

The Sea Haunt

Monster in the Monastery

Terror Island

The House of Seven Gargoyles

The Quetong Missile Mystery

The Devil's Tower

The Invisible Monster

Attack of the Tree People

Pirates from Below

Werewolf of the Timberland

While hunting for petrified wood samples in the forests of Canada, Dr. Quest is threatened by a gang of lumberjacks (one of whom disguises himself as a werewolf) intent on protecting their gold smuggling operation.

The Fraudulent Volcano

While investigating unusual eruptions on a tropical island, Dr. Quest discovers a secret ray gun base (operated by his nemesis, Dr. Zin, and protected by hovercraft-mounted guards), hidden deep within a local volcano.

Turu the Terrible

While searching for a rare strategic mineral in the Amazon jungle, Dr. Quest discovers a pteranodon trained by a wheelchair-bound slave driver to capture native workers needed for his mining operation.

Dragons of Ashida

A Small Matter of Pygmies

The Dreadful Doll

While researching marine biology in the Caribbean, Dr. Quest discovers a phony witch doctor, who is protecting a secret submarine base (under construction by a criminal contractor) with his supposed voodoo powers.

Skull and Double Crossbones

Shadow of the Condor

Double Danger

The Robot Spy

Calcutta Adventure

Treasure of the Temple

Riddle of the Gold

Pursuit of the Po-Ho

The Curse of Anubis

Arctic Splashdown

The Mystery of the Lizard Men