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Episode 10: Waiting for Big Mo

20min - During the gang's laser tag game, Dennis experiences an existential crisis as he and Charlie guard their base from legendary player Big Mo.

Episode 9: Paddy's Has a Jumper

20min - When a man threatens to jump off the roof of Paddy's Pub, the gang formulates an algorithm to help them decide whether they should get involved.

Episode 8: A Woman’s Right to Chop

20min - Dennis and Frank wage war against a new neighborhood salon offering short cuts for women. Mac faces a wrenching decision when his old dog returns.

Episode 7: The Gang Solves Global Warming

18min - Seeing an opportunity in climate change, the gang tries to monetize a brutal heat wave by cranking up the air conditioning inside Paddy's Pub.

Episode 6: The Janitor Always Mops Twice

22min - Through the black-and-white film noir filter of Charlie's memory, he recounts his messy investigation into Frank's recent health woes.

Episode 5: The Gang Texts

22min - When the gang splits up during a day at the zoo, a group text chain causes a communication breakdown full of misunderstandings and mockery.

Episode 4: The Gang Chokes

23min - A brush with death convinces Frank that only one person is truly looking out for him, while also inciting the gang to act out in new and terrible ways.

Episode 3: Dee Day

23min - The guys' latest scheme gets derailed when Dee reminds them that it's Dee Day -- the one day they have to do whatever she wants with no complaints.

Episode 2: Thunder Gun 4: Maximum Cool

22min - When the gang gets randomly selected for a focus group, they rage against the corporate machine over changes made to their favorite movie franchise.

Episode 1: The Gang Gets Romantic

23min - Mac tries to stage a rom-com-inspired meet-cute for Dennis using Airbnb, a dubious scheme that inspires Frank and Charlie to rent out their own place.