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Duel! Tiger and Hawk!!

Miracle! A Kappa Encounter!?

The Phoenix's Determination

All-Out Friendship! Ichinose vs. Endo!!

Ichinose! The Final Kick-off!!

Fuyuppe's Secret

Desperate! Inazuma Japan Defeated!?

The Looming Fortress

Strongest Confrontation! Penguin vs. Penguin!!

Terrifying! Another 'Kidou'!

Teikoku's Curse! Part 2!!

Teikoku's Curse! Part 1!!

Surpass Mugen the Hand!

Complete! My Original Finishing Move!!

The British Knights! The Knights of the Queen!!

Surprise! This Is World Class!!

It's Here! World Finals!!

Obtain It! The Ticket to the World!!

Get Up, Captain!

The Perfect Strategy! Perfect Zone Press!!

The Strongest in Asia! Fire Dragon!!

The Last Game

Goenji's Determination!

Fuyuka's Ultimate Secret Plan!

Ultimate Showdown! Kudo Japan vs. Hitomiko Japan!!

Replacement Representatives!? The Strongest Challengers!

A Serious Match! Endo and Tobitaka!!

Awaken, Sleeping Tiger!!

Scorching Warriors! Desert Lion!

Overcome Big Wave!