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The Explosive Flames of Revival!

Epsilon's Counterattack!

The Fist of Justice!

The Radical Rhythmic Soccer Game!

The Flame Striker!

The Great Battle in the Southern Sea!

The Captain's Test

Size Make Earthquake!

The Other Majin the Hand!

Grandpa's Secret Trick!

Epsilon! The Toughest Battle Yet!

Demolins Trap!

Eric Eagle in Serious Trouble!

The Last Wyvern Blizzard!

Teikoku Strikes Back!! (Part 2)

Teikoku Strikes Back!! (Part 1)

Hidden Power!

Epsilon's Attack!

Shock! Eiria Academy!!

Who Is the Striker?

The Prince of Snowland!

Looking for the Legendary Striker!

Threat! Eiria Academy!!

Defeat! The 11 in Black!!

Sortie! The Kaminarimon Eleven!!

The Aliens Came!

The Final, Part Two: Divinity vs Magic!

The Final, Part One!

Everybody All Together!

Challenged by a God!

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