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Kick-off to Tomorrow!

A Tearful Graduation Ceremony!

Final Truth! Number One in the World!!

Showdown!! Little Gigant (Part 2)

Showdown!! Little Gigant (Part 1)

Inazuma Japan's Final Battle!

To the Top of the World! The 11 Words!

Fidio's Great Friendship Training!

The Strongest Rival!

The Terrifying Team Garshield!

Attack! The Ultimate Enhanced Humans!

Amazing! Little Gigant!!

The Soccer Kingdom's Revenge!

Inazuma Japan vs. The Kingdom

Garshield's Conspiracy!

The Kingdom's Darkness!

The Devil's Decent! Dark Angel!!

Demon Army Z!

The Apostle of God!

The Legend of Raiokotto Island!

Grandpa's Last Note!

The Final Battle! Kageyama Reichi!!

Decisive! Endo vs. Fidio!!

Strongest Tactics! Catennacio Counter!!

Battle at Last! Fidio's Decision!

Memories Return! The Truth of Fuyuka!!

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