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Black Lives Matter, Part Two

1h - Gwen's defense of a young Black man who killed a police officer in self-defense continues, and she is forced to come up with an unorthodox theory in order to win.


1h - Gwen, Charlie and Tracy defend a client who's killed a cop.

Burned Out

1h - Gwen's commitment is put to the test.

Stop and Frisk

1h - Charlie and Vanessa try a stop and frisk case.


1h - Gwen uses an extra judicial strategy to outwit a judge.

Necessary Force

1h - Gwen and Tracy defend a mother accused of child abuse.

The Rules of Engagement

1h - Charlie battles an unwinnable stash-and-cash drug case.


1h - Gwen and Tracy defend a client who confessed to murder.

Combat by Agreement

1h - After a fatal gang bus shooting, Gwen defends a 14-year-old.

Welcome to Hell

1h - Gwen defends a client accused of attempted rape.