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Episode 20

58min - When Ji So plans to abdicate the throne to Sam Maek Jong, the Hwarang is divided into two camps. What will they do and who will they follow?

Episode 19

58min - While Sun Woo heads for Ah Ro, he is unaware that Ji So has set up a trap to defend her. While suffering a blow, Sun Woo is wandering with a question that could change history for good.

Episode #1.18

58min - To gain her control back over the Hwarang, Queen Ji So appoints both Ah Ro & Sook Myung as Wonhwa. In order to kill the king, The Hwarang receives a devastating blow.

Episode #1.17

59min - While medicine is scarce and the plague is rapidly expanding, Ah Ro desperately heads to the Hwarang who've decided to help her and her father.

Episode #1.16

58min - When safely returned, Queen Ji Soo orders Sun Woo to continue to pretend to be the king, while Hwi Kyung asks him whether he wants more.

Episode #1.15

59min - In order to save Ah Ro, Sun Woo steps forward as King Jin Heung and makes a daring challenge with the Crown Prince of Baekje.

Episode #1.14

59min - When the hwarangs hear about Ah Ro's imprisonment, they pick a fight to free her. However due to this fight, the peace treaty is at stake.

Episode #1.13

58min - While the hwarangs are not even properly organized yet, a first mission for them is about to happen. When nobody applies voluntarily, Princess Sook Myung has a trick up her sleeves.

Episode #1.12

59min - When a banner within the Hwarang Estate is saying that a king is among them, the Hwarangs are speculating who it may be. Sun Woo, who is now aware of this fact, starts actively searching for this specific person. While the upcoming sparring competition is taking an unexpected turn.

Episode #1.11

59min - After Ah Ro's kiss with Sun Woo, she feels uneasy due to Sun Woo's behaviour. Queen Ji Soo gives her daughter a secret task to perform.

Episode #1.10

59min - All hwarangs got a pass for their dance, however the next assignment given to them is not going to be liked by some of them.

Episode #1.9

58min - The hwarangs are prepping for their performance in front of the queen, while a new visitor joins the Hwarang.

Episode #1.8

58min - The second assignment of the Hwarangs is to give a dance in front of Queen Jiso. Ah Ro starts to doubt whether Moo Myung is really her brother.

Episode #1.7

58min - The first test will take place to become an official Hwarang, but will they pass? Due to a drug, some of the Hwarang manages to escape the building for a night.

Episode #1.6

58min - During the first days of training, the Hwarangs are constantly fighting each other. As punishment, Master Ui Hwa gives them a very hard task to complete.

Episode #1.5

58min - All Hwarangs have been selected and the inauguration of them can start, however will both Maek Jong and Sun Woo make it in time?

Episode #1.4

59min - In order to save Kim Ahn Ji, Mak Moon signs up to become a hwarang. Kim Ahn Ji requests his daughter to teach him some lessons in order to ease his life as a hwarang, but during one of those teachings he is invited to play a game of football.

Episode #1.3

58min - Ahn Ji Gong requests Moo Myung to pretend to be Sun Woo for Ah Ro and the outside till he is healed up. However once he spots Hyun Chu, he endangers the entire family during one of his reckless actions.

Episode #1.2

58min - Mak Moon and Moo Myung are able to escape the city, but Hyun Chu manages to trace them and kills Mak Moon. Moo Myung now badly hurt is out for revenge. Queen Jiso creates a special organization called Hwarang, who will be created from handsome sons of a variety of clans.

Episode #1.1

58min - During the secret entrance of the king, Moo Myung and Mak Moon manage to sneak into the city to find Mak Moon's family. However when inside the city, their search has some obstacles they need to overcome.