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Episode #1.16

1h 34min - One by one, the hotel's staff leave. After realizing they met in a past life, Man-wol and Chan-sung make peace with saying goodbye.

Episode 15

1h 23min - As the hotel and its staff wait for Man-wol, Mago sends Chan-sung through time to collect an ingredient to brew a powerful drink.

Episode 14

1h 32min - Man-wol wonders if Chan-sung is really Go Cheong-myeong -- and if he is, what choice she must make. The hotel's lights go out.

Episode 13

1h 22min - Choe Seo-hui prepares to move on to the next life. The killer ghost terrorizes Chan-sung's friends. Man-wol witnesses a startling relationship.

Episode 12

1h 27min - Chan-sung confronts the killer. Yu-na visits her own memorial with Hyeon-jung. Mago and the Grim Reaper observe a curiosity in Man-wol's tree.

Episode 11

1h 19min - With a lunar eclipse approaching, Man-wol fulfills a flood of special requests -- including one from a former hotel manager.

Episode 10

1h 18min - While Chan-sung tries to get his job back, Man-wol grows annoyed when she learns he's being set up with a chaebol guest's granddaughter.

Episode 9

1h 13min - Mago hands something unexpected to Chan-sung, who's been abandoned by Man-wol and the hotel. Yu-na and Hyeon-jung spot a ghost in need.

Episode 8

1h 20min - Man-wol is shaken by the appearance of Chan-sung's ex-girlfriend, who brings up her most painful memories.

Episode #1.7

1h 16min - Yu-na has a nasty run-in with one of Mago's faces. Chan-sung and Man-wol track down the ghost who escaped from Room 13.

Episode #1.6

1h 15min - Man-wol is forced to take a look at her finances, Ji Hyeon-jung visits Kim Yu-na at school, and the hotel opens its doors to a fake king.

Episode #1.5

1h 17min - Man-wol saves Chan-sung, who then wants to know why she did so. The hotel prepares for a wedding when the spirit of a bride in need of a groom arrives.

Episode #1.4

1h 14min - The old tree shows signs of life, alarming Man-wol and her staff. Chan-sung lets a ghost borrow his body to find someone she loves.

Episode #1.3

1h 14min - Man-wol gives Chan-sung a guided tour of her hotel. On his first day as manager, Chan-sung comes across a student who needs his help.

Episode #1.2

1h 16min - On his way to a new job, Chan-sung stops by Hotel Del Luna to pay back his father's debt and begs Man-wol to take back her gift.

Episode #1.1

1h 14min - Jang Man-wol agrees to save a man's life -- if he promises to give her his son. Koo Chan-sung receives an unwelcome birthday gift.