Episode #1.6

25min - Mr K sends a third hit man in to help Fran and Jamie. But as he drives a wedge between the friends, Fran faces the biggest decision of her life.

Episode #1.5

24min - There's blunder after blunder as bumbling contract killers Fran and Jamie try to take out a former and rather insane fellow hit man.


21min - Fran and Jamie dress up as Simon and Garfunkel as part of a plan to abduct a sleazy DJ. But a vicious dog brings them a whole world of trouble.


23min - Fran and Jamie are preparing a fresh grave in front of their latest hapless mark - but a personal argument between the pair allows him to escape.



21min - Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc star as mates and misfit contract killers, whose first hit is corrupt lawyer Jason Watkins. A Sky original comedy.