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Auld Lang Syne

41min - Jamie finds himself in big trouble when he discovers that his double-life could get exposed.

All I Want for Christmas Is You

41min - Lolly is on a mission to get over Kevin by throwing an XXXmas party. Paige works through her feelings after getting mugged. Jamie goes down a dark road with Stanton.

The Imaginary Line

39min - Lolly wants to go with Becca to a rave party but things get awkward when Kevin shows up. What's going on here?

The Cranberries

40min - Becca's Thanksgiving comes with an extra serving of awkward when she realizes who is attending.

Tragic Kingdom

40min - While waiting to find out Andy's fate, Becca becomes desperate for guidance.

...Then I'll Know

39min - Becca is given her first work assignment from Chester and Victoria, which leads to a road trip with Lolly and Paige to Chapel Hill.

A Very Important Date

41min - In the middle of the Halloween party, Becca spots the last person she would expect - and he's not alone.

I Never...

41min - Becca is reeling from her kiss with Andy. Meanwhile, Lolly is actively avoiding Jamie. It's Nervous Lois' birthday and the girls are going out!

Square One

41min - With the wedding called off, Sean finds Becca at the bar and does the unthinkable.


41min - Once the girls have a chance to sit and talk, Becca reveals just how much has changed since 1995.