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Best Friends Forever

Sweet 16


Gun Control

The Early 90s


Janitor Day



Marsh (Vincent Kartheiser) meets his hero, The Candy Diet Guru Garrett Philanders


The pressure is on at High School USA when the gang prepares to take the SAT exam, so they resort to pill-popping measures. Meanwhile, Blackstein (Nathan Barnatt) joins the school's gay club to beef up his extracurricular activities, but he must hide the fact that he is straight in order to stay in the club and get into college.


A personal picture of a classmate goes viral, thanks to CASSANDRA (Mandy Moore), and MARSH (Vincent Kartheiser) must rally the other guys in school to make the situation less embarrassing.


High School USA is about a group of millennial students confronting the challenges of growing up in the modern world. In the "Bullies" episode of HIGH SCHOOL USA!, upbeat and super-positive teen MARSH MERRIWETHER (Vincent Kartheiser) learns a valuable lesson when his best friend is accused of bullying. Meanwhile, CASSANDRA (Mandy Moore) gets ready for the "It Gets Better After High School" high school dance.