Manga Madness II/Julie AmiYumi/It's Alive!

Disco Capers/House Unkeeping/Number, Please

Evil AmiYumi/Butterscotch/Big Waldo

Small Stuff/B.C. Road Trip/Puffynauts

Tooth Decay/Gridiron Maidens/Sound Off

Jungle Prom/Truth or Dare/Sumo Kaz

Motor Psycho Mama/Oldie AmiYumi/Trouble with Mimes

Spree/Granny/A Grave Mistake

The Golden Fleas: Part 1/The Golden Fleas: Part 2/Sitcomi Yumi

Manga Madness/Junior Tapeworm/Kazalot

Puffy B.C./Dupli-Cats/Agent Y

Movie Madness/Stop the Presses/Hired Help

Secret Origin/Legend of Mei Pie/Under the Hood