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41min - While Nathan tries to find his way back to Haven, the Guard hunt down Dwight to stop him from giving the crystal to Croatoan. However, the group's plan to trap Croatoan in the new Barn fails, forcing Audrey to take desperate measures.


41min - Audrey and the others try to use Vickie's Trouble to restore the aether core, but Croatoan sends Duke to stop them. Meanwhile, Dwight must choose whether to help Croatoan and keep his daughter Lizzie... or lose her forever.

The Widening Gyre

41min - After Nathan and Dwight capture Duke, Nathan tries to reach his friend through Croatoan's control and get him to reveal where Audrey is. Meanwhile, Croatoan explains to a captive Audrey why she is so important to his plans for the people of Haven.

Blind Spot

40min - Nathan and the others take Audrey to the police station to keep her safe. However, Croatoan sends his agent in to capture her and bring his daughter to him. Meanwhile, Vince deals with the death of his brother, and dispatcher Laverne gains a new Trouble.

A Matter of Time

41min - William offers to use aether to give Nathan a new Trouble so that they can both escape the Void before it's too late. Meanwhile, Duke tries to convince a dying Hallie to reopen the thinny, and Dave confronts Croatoan inside of his mind.

Close to Home

41min - Duke returns to Haven with Hallie, who creates a thinny so that Nathan can recover the controller... and meet a familiar face. Meanwhile, Vince and Dwight try to find a troubled person whose ability can break Croatoan free from Dave.

Just Passing Through

41min - Nathan and Vince travel back to 1983 to try to find the Troubled person who created the thinny that Croatoan used to kill the Colorado Kid. Meanwhile, mysterious men capture Duke so that he can meet with their employer.


41min - Things seem too good to be true when Nathan and Audrey stumble across a Trouble that can resurrect the dead. They soon bring back Charlotte, but discover that resurrection comes with a terrible price. Meanwhile, Dave and Vince go hunting for Croatoan.

Wild Card

40min - While Charlotte and Audrey try to harvest the hidden aether, they discover that a new Trouble is targeting them along with Nathan and Dwight. Meanwhile, Duke and Seth travel to North Carolina and make contact with the man who can supposedly cast out Troubles.

Enter Sandman

41min - Audrey is trapped in the Sandman's world and forced him to marry him, and has no memory of her real life. Meanwhile, Duke meets Darkside Seeker Seth in Halifax and discovers that he doesn't remember Haven or the Troubles.

The Trial of Nathan Wuornos

41min - Nathan is innocent of Kira's death, but he can't reveal her location without giving away the aether cache. While Charlotte and Dwight go to rescue the woman, Nathan stands trial to buy them the time that they need. Meanwhile, the darkness closes in as Audrey discovers the Troubled person responsible for the deaths.


41min - The no marks killer strikes again, and Vince and Dwight cover up the murder. Meanwhile, a darkness-based Trouble is killing people, and Nathan takes a team to the power plant to restore power before it's too late. In Halifax, Duke meets the daughter of an old friend who is eager to learn if she is Troubled.

New World Order

41min - Dwight tries to coordinate efforts to suppress the new outbreak of Troubles, while Dave and Vince learn the truth about Dave's visions. Meanwhile, Nathan and Duke try to calm a Troubled girl, and Audrey and Charlotte search for the source of the fog wall.


41min - The revelation of Mara's endgame spurs Audrey and Nathan to pursue a plan to stop her once and for all.


41min - Divided loyalties put the gang at odds; and a terrifying revelation changes everything.


40min - Duke's roiling troubles and a new threat to Audrey leave the pair with no alternative but to turn to potentially dangerous allies for help.


40min - The sickness outbreak that's been plaguing Haven has reached epic proportions and all hands are on deck to stop it, including Pete, who usually hides the Troubles from the public. Sadly, it turns out that Pete causes this particular Trouble. Even worse, he can't be talked out of it.


41min - Since Dr. Charlotte Cross, from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), just showed up in town looking for him, Dave decides to get in front of the problem by enlisting the aid of Chris Brody, a local marine biologist who has a "charm" Trouble.


41min - With Nathan banished into another dimension, Duke and Audrey are left to strategize about how to get him back.

Nowhere Man

40min - Now that Audrey has somehow been separated from Mara, Duke and Nathan decide to keep Mara on Duke's ship for safe keeping until Dwight gets back in town. They really want to turn Mara over to The Guard but without knowing if Mara and Audrey are physically connected, it's too risky.

The Old Switcheroo: Part 2

40min - Mara capitalises on the fallout from the latest Trouble, forcing Nathan and Duke to take a desperate and dangerous gamble to get Audrey back.

The Old Switcheroo: Part 1

40min - When Vince and Dave travel to North Carolina, their probing of Dave's past uncovers a body-swapping problem back in Haven.

Much Ado About Mara

41min - True to her word, Mara helps Duke release a Trouble to relieve the pressure in his system, but the Trouble she releases causes him to speak gibberish.


41min - Nathan, on the run with Mara, solicits Duke's help. Duke isn't happy about helping Mara but he hopes that Nathan will come to his senses soon and realize that Audrey is gone forever.

Speak No Evil

41min - Still masquerading as Audrey, Mara moves around town plotting her next move and causing mayhem. She even kills an innocent bystander just so that she can steal her clothes.

See No Evil

40min - When the local lighthouse crumbles into the ocean, the residents think it might just be a natural disaster but little do they know— Audrey/Mara and her motley crew caused the implosion. And speaking of Mara… sadly, the last time we saw Audrey she wasn't herself.