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Guitar Control

When Quick Draw McGraw pulls out his trusty six-string in an attempt to put the El Kabong kibosh on the Dalton Gang, he gets hauled off to the hoosegow.

Droopy Botox

Believe it or not, Harvey successfully defends a plastic surgeon of botching Botox injections on Droopy. The relieved doctor pays instantly and, in a fit of generosity, throws in a free coupon book of cosmetic surgeries.

Gone Efficien...t

Phil gets on a cost cutting kick and hires an efficiency expert named "Dvd" (formerly "David" - but he cut vowels from his life to save time). Harvey is forced to prove his worth or be sent packing.

Peanut Puberty

It's a very special Harvey when Peanut begins to "develop" his superpowers. It's a difficult time for a young superhero and Peanut turns to Harvey to help him understand the changes he's going through.

Grape Juiced

Scandal hits the Laff-a-Lympics when Grape Ape is accused of steroid use. He seeks Harvey's services to prove his innocence and win back his medal.

Back to the Present


After years of getting his powers from the sun, Harvey notices a suspicious spot on his skin. When the dermatologist insists he stay out of the sun and use sunblock, the now droopy Birdman turns to self-tanning creme for a pick me up.

High Speed Buggy Chase

Speed Buggy is arrested for leading the cops on a high-speed chase. As Harvey prepares for the trial, longtime assistant Avenger resigns, landing a job with Harvey's rival Vulturo.

The Devlin Made Me Do It

Washed-up motorcycle stuntman Ernie Devlin is sued when a kid injures himself trying to imitate his deep ravine jump. Harvey's legal strategy - to attack the fractured, wheelchair-bound child on the witness stand - backfires.

Trio's Company

Harvey joins a new health club and falls for his personal trainer, Gigi. But it seems everyone is reaching her target zone except for him. On the legal front, Harvey is representing Inch-High Private Eye, who believes he's been illegally fired.

Blackwatch Plaid

When Harvey's boss Phil Ken Sebben believes his office has been burgled, he installs a series of oppressive security measures at the firm. Meanwhile, Harvey is under pressure to bring in a new client.

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