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X, the Exterminator

X the Eliminator is sitting at home, having mostly forgotten that he was paid a million bucks to kill Birdman in 1968, when he sees Harvey in an ad for his law practice. X launches right back on his quest and, now posing as "X the Exterminator", confronts Harvey. And is devastated to discover that Harvey just doesn't remember him.

Deadomutt: Part 2

The exciting conclusion of "The Case of Crooked Creek". No, wait... "Deadomutt".

Deadomutt: Part 1

A hot new lawyer, the Blue Falcon, joins Harvey's law firm. Everyone's excited to have, for the first time, an ex-superhero on the firm.

The Dabba Don

Fred Flintstone is a family man - possibly in more ways than one. Looking to expand beyond construction with a couple of small side businesses, Fred seeks legal advice from Harvey. The case is a simple matter until the feds start questioning the him.

Shoyu Weenie

When Shoyu Weenie, a Japanese pop band, discovers that Jabberjaw and the Neptunes have stolen their hit single "Mochi Mochi" and made it their own, they decide to take their case to a higher power. When he's not available, they settle on Harvey.

Death by Chocolate

The ATF surround Yogi and Boo Boo's cave and arrest the young bear, charging him with being the eco-terrorist Unabooboo, Harvey throws himself into the case, and into the loving arms of the cute little bear.

Shaggy Busted

Shaggy and Scooby are being held on possession. Harvey defends the two in an entirely circumstantial case brought against them by Spyro. Harvey is just about to win the case when Velma and Fred catch an old cotton farmer masquerading as a green monster.

Very Personal Injury

Ex-Superfriend Apache Chief accidentally spills a latte on his lap and loses his super-ability to "grow large at will". With Harvey as his attorney, he sues Javalux.

Bannon Custody Case

Harvey represents Dr. Quest in a parental custody battle with Race Bannon over Jonny and Hadji. Prosecuting attorney Vulturo appears to be winning the case - until Harvey, by happenstance, learns Dr. Zin created a robot that Race programmed to get the boy.

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