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Squeeze's Magic Show


Ice Cream Team


Firehouse Tools

Abuelito's Garden

Gopher Help

Mr. Lopart's Mother

Best Repairman


Pat's Big Idea

Felipe Strikes Out

Manny's Sick Day

Join the Club

Radio Rusty

Detective Dusty

Kitty Sitting

Uncle Manny

Tool Games

Wonder Tool

Halloween/Squeeze's Magic Show

It's Halloween and almost Dia De Los Muertos when Manny and the Tools get a call from Victor's Costume Shop. Manny and the Tools go to fix Magic Marty's magic box.

Musica/Ice Cream Team

The Tools learn the beginnings of Manny's expertise in fixing things. Manny and the Tools attempt to fix the freezer in an ice cream cart before the ice cream melts!

Abuelito's Garden/Firehouse Tools

When Abuelito seems inactive, Manny tries to get him out into the garden for fresh air and exercise. Manny and the Tools are called to the local firehouse to repair their bell.

A Very Handy Vacation

Abuelito convinces Manny to take a weekend trip to a nearby lake and the Tools stow away in Manny's luggage for their own vacation.

Mr. Lopart's Mother/Gopher Help

Manny gets a call from Mr. Lopart's mother to build a mantle for her fireplace. When the local park has a gopher problem they call on Manny and the Tools to help catch it!

Sinko-De-Mayo/Best Repairman

Manny has to repair Mrs. Portillo's clogged sink for her Cinco De Mayo party. Manny is voted the county's best repairman by the town newspaper.

Felipe Strikes Out/Pat's Big Idea

When Turner makes a bowling alley repair, a TV reporter mistakenly gives Felipe all the credit. Pat's unconventional way of problem-solving saves the day!

Join the Club/Manny's Sick Day

While repairing a tree house, Manny and the Tools help teach a group of boys to include people, not exclude them. The Tools try to help Manny when he catches a cold.

Detective Dusty/Radio Rusty

Mrs. Portillo is convinced her dryer is eating her socks! When Manny and the tools go to the local radio station for a repair, Rusty reluctantly takes over for the deejay.

Uncle Manny/Kitty Sitting

Manny agrees to babysit his nephew, not realizing how difficult it will be to do a repair with a toddler. When Kelly brings a kitten by Manny's shop, the Tools want to adopt it.