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I _____ Many Friends

Dismay of I, the Chicken

On the day of the screening, Kodaka finds Rika had passed out with a fever before she could finish the movie. Feeling it isn't right if everyone isn't present to see the movie, Yozora and the others unanimously agree to cancel the screening. After briefly running into Aoi whilst taking down the flyers for the screening, Kodaka goes to the infirmary to visit Rika, who gets him to read a BL book to help her get to sleep. After recovering from her fever, Rika finishes the movie and screens it for the Neighbors Club, with everyone feeling proud of what they've made. Later, Aoi swings by the clubroom to question the club's activities, to which Yozora responds with a thorough explanation, shooting down any query that Aoi brings up. However, she soon retorts that Maria doesn't qualify as a club advisor since, as it turns out, she is not a real sister. Luckily, Sena has Pegasus arrange for Maria to become an official teacher, allowing the club to continue legitimate operation. After Aoi is chased out, Sena casually mentions that she loves Kodaka and wants to marry him, but Kodaka once again pretends he didn't hear anything and walks out.

The Sad-Case King and the Stone-Cold Story

After Yozora's plagiarism is brought to light, the club instead decide to go with a script Sena has written. After shooting some footage, Rika brings Kodaka to her prep room, where he sees just how much effort Rika puts into her projects. The next day, the gang head over to Kobato's school festival to watch her film, finding it to be quite impressive. Speaking with Kobato's classmates after the screening, Kodaka learns that Kobato is quite popular, but has trouble getting along with others. He does find relief that, in the clubroom at least, Kobato gets along with Maria. Come the sports festival, Yozora shows a disliking to the student council president, Hinata Hidaka, due to her popularity. Meanwhile, Rika confronts Kodaka about the feelings he should notice but refuses to acknowledge.

Stray Cats Overheat

As the Neighbors Club get their film underway, Kodaka comes across Sena's classmate, Aoi Yusa, who considers Sena her biggest rival and believes Kodaka to be her boyfriend. Later that day, Kodaka comes across Pegasus, who had assumed he and Sena were dating and is shocked to learn that it isn't the case. The next day, Sena explains the confusion came about do to a comment she made about 'making Kobato her little sister', which he assumed pertained to marriage. She then reveals that both their parents had arranged at a young age for her and Kodaka to be engaged, as they had met once when they were really young. Kodaka decides they should just forget about it and keep it a secret from Yozora. However, Maria ends up blabbing about in front of everyone having learnt about it from Kate, which leaves Yozora completely depressed. After being recommended a movie by Kate upon hearing about the movie's plot, Kodaka discovers Yozora had completely plagiarized the script from the movie.

My Childhood Friend Is Too Much of a Battleground

He's My Brother, But as Long as There's Love, It Doesn't Matter If He Gets More Sisters, Right?

Unbreakable Strange-Girl

That Kind of Play Is Not Allowed! My Worldview Is Disturbed When You Are Around

After dressing Yukimura up as a butler, Yozora agrees to play a dating sim for girls that Rika brought in. Whilst initially finding the game to be stupid, she takes interest in a delinquent character, though ends up downhearted when she winds up with a bad ending. Later, Rika invents a time machine, which sends Kodaka's conscience back to day he last saw Yozora before he moved years ago. He decides to tell Yozora about the move, only for things to get really weird. As Rika later reveals the time machine is in fact a hypnotic sleep device that allows him to see any dream he wants, the fact he knew Yozora ten years ago is brought to the attention of the club.

A Man Is Among Them

My Little Sisters Are This Cute

Maria shows up at Kodaka's house having run away from home, with Kate asking Kodaka to put up with her for the night, much to the chagrin of Kobato. Later, the club decides to have a post-exam party, where Rika suggests they play the 'King's Game' using randomly selected orders. At the end of the game, Sena draws a lot ordering Kodaka to kiss her, but Yozora objects to it, so Kodaka resorts to restricting it to an indirect kiss instead. Later that night, Kodaka receives a call from his father claiming that he is to be married to Sena.

Homo Game Club

Rika, who comes to the clubroom without her glasses, decides she wants to watch an anime based on a homoerotic game, which is immediately met with raised eyebrows by the other clubmembers. Somehow, they are convinced to give it a try and find themselves getting engrossed in the plot though are suddenly surprised by the gay kiss at the end. Despite this, Yozora gives it her approval whilst Sena, annoyed that her gal games are looked down on in comparison, is forced to read another line from it. Later, Kodaka meets Maria's older sister, Kate, who tells him how Maria has changed since joining the Neighbor's Club. Afterwards, Yozora asks Kodaka to 'practise' comparing exam answers.

Yeah, My Youth Is Seriously Wrong

Yozora and Rika manage to trick Sena into letting them style her hair into a heap, filling it with all sorts of oddities. The next day, Kodaka goes over to Sena's house to study for his exams, where he discovers her room is decorated with pictures of Yozora that she uses for 'grudge purposes'. Kodaka is asked by Pegasus to spend the night, where he expresses his worries that Sena might be getting bullied, to which Kodaka replies that he will protect her.

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