Stream, lej eller køb

Confidentially Yours

The Long Goodbye

Born Free

Jason and Maggie are frustrated that none of their lectures about the importance of an education seem to get through to Mike. Jason's words of wisdom seem to take hold when, on a flight to Boston where Jason went to college that Jason has to deliver a baby and Mike keeps the expectant father occupied.

The Awful Truth

Ben is working on a family history project at school. When he uncovers a shocking secret from both parent's pasts, he turns to Mike and Carol for help in trying to get them to spill the beans.


Jimmy Durante Died for Your Sins

My Brother, Myself

Thank God It's Friday

Thank You, Willie Nelson

Carol's having friends over for a slumber party, and as a result, Mike and Ben take it upon themselves to play several pranks on them. Chaos soon ensues when Maggie's parents arrive in a motorhome with the news that they sold their home and will spend the rest of their retirement traveling around the country – much to Maggie's dismay.

Some Enchanted Evening

Higher Education


The Breakfast Club

The Kid

Jason's Rib

Do You Believe in Magic?

Dream Lover

Employee of the Month

Call Me

Long Day's Journey Into Night

Fast Times at Dewey High

Jason and the Cruisers