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The Lady and the Pussycat

25min - David's father surprise's David with the announcement that he'd like to introduce his future wife to David, but there's more than one.

Hutton's Mutts

25min - Dave and Linda are asked to watch Mr. Hutton's poodle.

Here Comes the Bribe

25min - Dave and Larry are accused of taking part in a payola scam with an unscrupulous record promoter.

For My Daughter's Hand, You'll Get My Foot

25min - Mr. Hutton's daughter returns from Europe and Larry becomes very interested in her.

I Love a Charade

25min - Dave's birthday is coming up and he assumes his wife is throwing him a surprise party.

Pot Luckless

25min - Dave loses big in a poker game then has to face his wife, Linda.

Partner, Meet My Partner

25min - David's old stand-up partner, Jerry, reappears with an offer.

The Wedding Present

25min - Dave hassles Larry about never buying him and Linda a chair for a wedding present as promised.

I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl That Married Dear Old Dave

25min - Dave and Linda try to figure out what is wrong with Larry.

First Down and 200 Miles to Go

25min - When the big football game is blacked out in LA, Dave decides to try and watch the game by driving to Palm Springs.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Maybe

25min - Mr. Hutton cancels Dave and Larry's vacation and makes them come back to work.

The Man Who Came to Din Din

25min - Roland Hutton accepts a dinner invitation to the Lewis home, but has an accident and can't be moved for several days. Feeling guilty, Dave and Linda wait on the difficult man hand and foot until they've had enough.

The Voice of the Turtle Is Better Than Mine

25min - Dave and Larry recall first being hired as disc jockeys and their initial start. Dave losing his voice led to the boys being extremely creative so they wouldn't lose their jobs.

Don't Call Us and We Won't Call You

25min - David and Larry don't want to emcee Linda's Lambkins charity group fundraiser, until they discover the big stars headlining the event.

If You Marry Me Today, I'll Marry You Tomorrow

25min - During an anniversary dinner, Dave and Linda reminisce about their wedding day.

The Return of Bibian

25min - David dreads getting a visit from his cousin who is overly nice and overly annoying.

A Feet of Clay and a Head to Match

25min - When their vacation plans fall through, Dave and Linda are invited to stay at Mr. Hutton's Beverly Hills mansion.

Stan and Ollie Meet Larry and Dave

25min - Dave and Linda agree to house sit at Hutton's scenic estate but find it an unpleasant experience. Surrounded by a houseful of easily breakable heirlooms, they are unable to relax and enjoy themselves.

No News Like Nude News

25min - Hutton, Larry and Dave's boss, thinks it's a terrific idea if the boys do a radio remote from a dude ranch. It turns out to be clothing optional so the guys decide to try and fit in.

Love at First Flight

25min - Larry makes Sandy sole beneficiary on his latest flight insurance policy so she thinks Larry is in love with her. Things "take-off" from there, at least they do in Sandy's eyes, all the while Larry is trying to figure a way out.

Where Have You Been, Billy Boy, Billy Boy?

25min - Dave and Larry emcee a telethon for a charity run by Mr. Hutton.

Buy Calimari

25min - David goes from the frying pan into the fire when after refusing to sell Larry his Italian sports car it is bought by the beautiful but flirtatious Miss Zelner.

If You Go Into the Blue Yonder, I'll Go Wild

25min - What a tangled web David weaves when his desire to take flying lessons meets with Linda's strenuous objections.

You vs. Me

25min - David and Larry get nominated for the Outstanding Radio Personality Golden Mikey radio award separately, instead of as a team. Jealousy rears its ugly head, causing a rift between them. David's wife suggests that he include Larry when he agrees to be interviewed by a gossip columnist, Harriet Hatfield.

You Can't Say That About Me and Neither Can I

25min - Linda's feelings are bruised after David uses her as the butt of cheapskate and blabbermouth jokes on his radio show.

Knits to You, Sir

25min - Linda and Sandy lock horns with a clothing store manager who refuses to exchange a rapidly unraveling sweater. It's a sticky situation because the store is a sponsor of the Lewis & Clarke Show.