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Good Luck Teddy (2)

Good Luck Teddy

Teddy has been having a hard time creating a final video diary for Charlie before she heads off to college.

Good Bye Charlie

Teddy has been having a hard time creating a final video diary for Charlie before she heads off to college.

Down a Tree

Gabe discovers PJ has been living in the tree house in the backyard.


Teddy is disappointed when she gets waitlisted at her first choice college.

Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas

Teddy is heading to New York City with PJ to interview at NYU. The plan is for Teddy and PJ to fly back late Christmas Eve, so the entire family can be together on Christmas. Teddy gets on the wrong subway and ends up sitting next to Jessie and Zuri. Back at the Duncan home, Gabe is not in the Christmas spirit, and Amy sends Bob to take Charlie and Toby to meet Santa at the mall and find out what big present Charlie wants this year. Meanwhile, PJ and Teddy are about to head home when they learn a blizzard is hitting Denver. Not knowing anyone else in NY, they call Jessie to see if they can stay the night with the Ross family.

Bob's Beau-Be-Gone

When a job offer comes up in Tennesse that Beau just can't turn down, he makes a tough decision.

Sister, Sister

Teddy runs into Amy's younger sister, Jamie, and discovers the reason Amy and Jamie drifted apart.

Fright Knight

Teddy and her friends decide to go "Halloween caroling" to raise money for the senior class gift.

Weekend in Vegas

Ivy tricks Teddy into joining her family on a road trip to Las Vegas… New Mexico. Meanwhile, Amy’s feelings are hurt after she discovers Gabe has secretly been playing little league so she wouldn't embarrass him. Also, Bert Doogan and Mrs. Dobbs announce to Bob and PJ that they are getting married and would like the wedding to take place at the Duncan home, where their love was born.

The Bug Prom

Bob, Amy, Beau, and Teddy attend the Denver Pest Control Association's annual dinner dance.

Teddy's Choice

It's Teddy's 18th Birthday, and the family is having a party to celebrate.

Teddy's New Beau

Beau convinces Teddy to go to a country western hang out as just friends.


14-year-old Charlie tries to apply some of Teddy's wisdom from her video diary.

Charlie 4, Toby 1

Charlie is not excited about sharing her family birthday celebration with Toby.


Teddy wants to have a "girls night out" slumber party.

The Unusual Suspects

Teddy has a mystery enemy at school, forcing Teddy and Ivy make an "enemies list" of people.

Rock Enroll

Teddy has a hard time with college applications.

Go Teddy!

Teddy decides to join Kelsey on the cheerleading squad.

Demolition Dabney

Gabe has a crush on the new neighbor, Lauren - who turns out to be Mrs. Dabney's granddaughter.

Duncan Dream House

When deciding whether to save their old house, Teddy has a dream where the Muppets pay her a visit.