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Reunion, Pt. 2

Host Jeannie Mai joins the crew as Chilli chats about her nurturing ways, Char and Tiffany dish on their nuptials, and Lil' Kim sets the record straight about her new music.

Reunion, Pt. 1

The crew joins Jeannie Mai to relive some of the most unforgettable moments of the cruise, from Lil' Kim riding a jet pack in designer boots to Mya forgetting Tiffany's name.

The Final Jump Off

A round of Never Have I Ever tests Pretty Vee and B. Simone's friendship, Lil' Kim and Mya open up to each other, and the ladies have one final blowout on the boat.

Cruisin' Through Carnival

Day two of Carnival has officially begun! The group gets decked out in their finest costumes and party like never before. B. Simone takes a leap of faith with her relationship with her mom. Presented by VH1.

No Time

Lil' Kim and Mya go wild at J'ouvert, Pretty Vee overcomes her energy slump, Rome is overenthusiastic, Chilli taps out, and the gang shows off their costumes at carnival.

Crush On You

The crew arrives in Trinidad ahead of Carnival, Chef Tobias tries to get closer to Lil' Kim, and Tiffany enlists help from Char as she plans a big surprise.

It's a Ship-Show

Chilli and B. Simone do some bonding, Pretty Vee plans a talent show, Char reveals his hidden talent, and the gang has a breakthrough in Tobago.

Rock the Boat

The gang bonds over their insecurities, B. Simone and Dreads grow closer, Mya and Tiffany clear the air, and the crew battles seasickness after Chilli's birthday celebration.


B. Simone and Char bond over their tough childhoods, Lil' Kim uses her experience behind bars to relate to Tobias, and Chilli has a date with cruise crew member Rome.

Say My Name, Say My Name

Lil' Kim is homesick, B. Simone flirts with the yacht's bartender, Mya lights up the stage, Tiffany is excluded, and the gang visits Rihanna's childhood home in Barbados.

The Jump-Off

Lil' Kim sets sail with Chilli, Mya and more friends on a 10-day cruise in the Caribbean to encourage them to step outside of their comfort zones and release their fears.

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