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Gilligan, the Goddess

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The navy has a crate of plastic explosives washed overboard and Gilligan finds it. The castaways make all kinds of things out of it before discovering what it actually is.

The Pigeon

It's a Bird, It's a Plane

Gilligan finds a Buck Rogers style jet pack that was lost by the navy. The professor works to make fuel for it so they can be rescued from the island.

Slave Girl

The Secret of Gilligan's Island

Gilligan discovers an incomplete stone tablet with hieroglyphics on it. The Professor interprets the markings to be a map of how to get off the island. The castaways then search all the caves on the island for the missing pieces of the tablet.

The Second Ginger Grant

High Man on the Totem Pole

While taking the Howells for a drive, Gilligan discovers a head hunter totem pole with a replica of his head on it. Later the castaways are taken prisoner and Gilligan has to save them.


Gilligan's Personal Magnetism

Gilligan is hit by lightning and gets a stone bowling ball stuck on his hand. While the Professor and Skipper are trying to get the rock off, the rock is struck by lightning and Gilligan turns invisible.

Our Vines Have Tender Apes

Lovey's Secret Admirer

The Hunter


Take a Dare

Gilligan Goes Gung-Ho

All About Eva

And Then There Were None

The castaways start disappearing one by one, since at first Gilligan is the only one who is with the women and he starts to think he is the cause of their vanishing. He then has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde nightmare.

The Kidnapper

The Skipper finds a note saying Mrs. Howell has been kidnapped, Mr. Howell pays the ransom and she is returned. They then find out that all the women on the island are going to be kidnapped again and again.

The Invasion

Gilligan catches a old brief case while fishing that has U.S. Government Top Secret stamped on it and handcuffs on the handle. The castaways start speculating what the briefcase may contain.


Ring Around Gilligan

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Man with a Net

Where There's a Will


The Producer

Pass the Vegetables, Please

While fishing Gilligan reels in a crate of vegetables. The castaways are astonished at some of the properties of the vegetables until they discover that they are radioactive.

Gilligan vs. Gilligan

Gilligan keeps seeing his double and the rest of the castaways do not believe him.

Up at Bat

Gilligan is bitten by a bat and becomes obsessed with becoming a vampire because of it. He moves away from the rest of the castaways into a cave on the other side of the island. Gilligan then has a nightmare about being the Count living in a castle in Transylvania.

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