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Meet the Meteor

When a radio active meteor hits the island, the castaways fear they have a limited time to live because of the radiation.

Mr. and Mrs. ???

V for Vitamins

The Friendly Physician

A mad doctor visits the island and promises rescue, however when he takes the castaways to his nearby island they are in for a spooky surprise.

Allergy Time

The Skipper becomes allergic to Gilligan and the Professor tries to figure out why.


Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up?

While listening to the radio, the castaways find out that a imposter has been posing as Mr. Howell in order to get his money.

Operation: Steam Heat

Hot water spurting from beneath the island warns the castaways that a volcano is about to erupt.

Feed the Kitty

A caged circus lion escapes after washing ashore on the island.

Ship Ahoax

After so much time on the island with just the 7 people, the castaways are starting to go a bit island crazy. Snapping at each other for the littlest thing. The professor and Ginger come up with a way to relieve the pressure and tell everyone that Ginger is fortune teller. Gilligan is especially easy to convince.

Forward March

Mr. Howell organizes an army and appoints himself general after the castaways are attacked.

Gilligan's Living Doll

An experimental robot launched by the Air Force parachutes onto the island.

Love Me, Love My Skipper

Everyone receives an invitation to the Howells' party except the Skipper.

Seer Gilligan

Gilligan discovers an island bush with seeds that make mind reading possible.

The Postman Cometh

When the other castaways start acting odd around Mary Ann she thinks she has eaten poisonous mushrooms and is dying.

You've Been Disconnected

After a bad storm, a trans-ocean communications cable is washed up into the lagoon and the castaways try to contact civilization.

Not Guilty

The castaways suspect that a murder is among them when a newspaper makes its way onto the island.

Erika Tiffany-Smith to the Rescue

Mine Hero

While fishing, Gilligan reels in a world war II mine and that ends up being activated.

Gilligan Gets Bugged

Gilligan is bitten by a bug and the professor gives him 24 hours to live.

Don't Bug the Mosquitoes

The members of a popular rock band known as the Mosquitoes (played by The Wellingtons, who do the Gilligan's Island theme for seasons 2-3) come to the island to get away from their fans so they can practice their music in peace. When the castaways find out that it will be quite a while before they can get off the island, they try to get the group to leave early.

The Chain of Command

When the Skipper realizes that they have to have a chain of command on the island if something ever happens to him, Chaos ensues with Gilligan's help.

Hi Fi Gilligan

Nyet, Nyet, Not Yet

Agonized Labor

A radio news report announces that Mr. Howell has lost all his fortune and the castaways have to deal with the results.

Castaways Pictures Presents

Gilligan finds a ship and the castaways salvage the cargo then come up with a scheme to get rescued.

Quick Before It Sinks

Gilligan is trying to catch some nice lobsters in the lagoon so everyone can have a great dinner. Meanwhile, the professor notices that the water is getting higher on the measuring stick out in the lagoon that he is using to figure out if the island is sinking or not. While all this is occurring the women decide that the island needs to be landscaped around the huts.

The Sweepstakes

Gilligan hears his sweepstakes ticket numbers called off on the radio and wins a million dollars, Mr. Howell then invites Gilligan to become a member of the Howell's exclusive millionaires club.

Smile, You're on Mars Camera

A Mars probe mistakenly comes down on the island and when the professor repairs the camera, scientists believe they are getting images of Mars Meanwhile Mr. Howell has put Gilligan to work on a secret project for his anniversary.

The Little Dictator

An exiled dictator is dropped off onto the island until it is safe for him to return to his country.