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Betty Finds a Cause

Betty learns what it is like to hit her head repeatedly against a tree, or a shrub.

A Matter of Pride

Bud is elected most popular boy of his class but finds that too small fashion shoes may prevent the award ceremony from happening.

Bud Quits School

Jim, the Answer Man

A very busy Jim is still able to solve all problems of the Anderson family.

The Weaker Sex

New pretty girl moves in just down the street and uses her feminine wiles to get a picnic date with Bud.

A Medal for Margaret

A Friend in Need

The Andersons quickly adopt and love a temporarily lost dog.

Tell it to Mom

Young Love

Bud has a crush on a girl working at the supermarket.

Betty's Crusade

Betty organizes her friends to save their college hangout.

Poor Old Dad

Bud decides from experience that married men don't get to have fun like single men and live a miserable life.

Country Cousin

Betty again must learn a lesson about the need to be nice to others when Jim's brother sends his daughter for a week to visit with Betty and the Andersons.

Revenge Is Sweet

The Trial

Bud is accused of property damage and Betty's college class assignment leads to a family trial.

Margaret's Other Family

Margaret, and one by one the whole family, assist a new-to-the-city door-to-door woodmaker and his family to the point that Jim thinks they are using Margaret.

Bud, the Mind Reader

Bud wants to help Betty but will lose his allowance for three months by revealing where Betty is after an important phone call.

The Rivals

Betty's steady, Frank, gets some competition. Guest star Barbara Eden (I Dream of Jeannie)

Father's Biography

One night Jim must choose attending a Chamber of commerce meeting to elect him as a leader, or being at a PTA meeting where Kathy is reading an essay about Jim's life.

Calypso Bud

Big Sister

Betty, Kathy, and Bud all go to a summer camp for girls. Kathy is pushed by counselor Betty to be an over-achiever.

Man with a Plan

Kathy Makes a Wish

Kathy wishes on a lucky horseshoe for a horse that then appears.

Mister Beal Meets His Match

Way of a Dictator

Margaret Learns to Drive

Margaret becomes cross at Jim who is giving her driving lessons.

Kathy's Big Chance

An excited Kathy is one of her class' essay winners, but misses the greeting party with her favorite actress due to measles.

The Indispensable Man

Bud learns to follow the football training rules after suffering the consequence of breaking a rule..

Mother Goes to School

When Margaret enrolls in Betty's English Literature class at Jr college, Betty becomes uncomfortable.

Sentenced to Happiness

Gardner Frank is back in trouble as he works to make people and plants happy.

Bud, the Executive

Bud learns leadership skills and how to deal with problems as he helps with the school class picnic.