Stream, lej eller køb

Shoot for the Moon

Woodcutter Sageman teaches the Andersons about goal setting and learning to believe in yourself to achieve the goals.

Grandpa Retires

Margaret, Jim, and Betty travel to visit with Margaret's parents because Dad is reluctantly retiring.

Margaret Disowns Her Family

Margaret has a challenging day with her family which a young mother-to-be observes and becomes discouraged until Margaret explains the value of motherhood.

The Art of Romance

Jim advises Bud on how to make a date with a shy girl, but Betty advises the girl thwarting Bud's advances.

Class Prophecy

The "Most likely to succeed" school friend of Jim and Margaret is embarrassed to be selling door-to-door for Utica Kitchen Utensils.

Baby in the House

Babysitting a 1-year-old at the Anderson's home.

Bud, the Philanthropist

Bud's Sunday School class buys a radio for a classmate recovering from a broken leg, but Bud thinks he wants more credit for the gift.

The Spelling Bee

Kathy depends on a lucky penny during a spelling bee.

Betty, the Track Star

Betty is in a pickle having to choose between competing college demands.

Bud, the Hero

Jim narrates this dramatic story of Bud the hero (surprise ending).

Safety First

Bud learns the hard way to improve his car driving safety habits.

Bud Buys a Car

Bud proudly buys a $10 car, his first car.

An Evening to Remember

The Anderson's have an unexpected famous movie star guest arrive after a fender bender.

Trip to Hillsborough

Aspiring writer Bud takes trip to Hillsboro to make notes about real life for future writing source material.

Betty and the Jet Pilot

Betty is in Love with an Air force Pilot that may be transferred to Alaska.


Bud learns a lesson at the school of hard knocks when a carnival comes to town.

Short Wave

The whole family gets concerned and worried about helping a family on a ship that sends an SOS that the family overhears on bud's short-wave radio receiver.that no one else is hearing; the only problem is that the ship is 1,000 miles away.

The Lawn Party

Bud and his friends seek help in having a lawn party.

Brief Holiday

An over-stressed Margaret takes a relaxing time-out and Jim learns that he must work to be a great husband.

Swiss Family Anderson

The family becomes marooned on a deserted island on the lake and must make do until rescued.

Margaret Hires a Gardener

A self-employed landscaper improves Margaret's lawn and touches the entire family's heart with his dedication to the beauty of plants.

The Promising Young Man

Jim takes on his company's vice-president's adult son to try to help him succeed in his father's insurance business.

The Angel's Sweater

It's Christmas eve, and it takes a leaking pipe to bring a plumber that explains the meaning of Christmas to Kathy who finally understands. The whole family including the guest aunt star in this touching story set in the 1600s or before. Watch for the fastest live wardrobe change at the end of the episode.

The Good Prospect

Several family members must learn the hard lesson that some people may talk a big story and make promises that they can not later honor.

Betty Goes Steady

Betty becomes a member of the "In-Crowd" at college but is attracted to an outcast.

The Family Goes to New York

Betty falls in love when she goes to New York to attend her friend's wedding.

The Great Guy

Bud takes a job on the local newspaper.

Whistle Bait

A striking beauty causes Betty to feel a lack of esteem.

The Old Days

Betty and Bud get embarrassed and upset when their parents want to wear 1920s style clothing to a costume party.

Bud, the Millionaire

Bud talks Jim into giving him ten dollar a week allowance.