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Betty's Graduation

Jim helps Kathy get over not wanting to graduate from junior high school by telling about Betty's trepidation of graduating from high school.

Adopted Daughter

Kathy's friend makes her think she might be adopted.

The Ten-Dollar Question

Father, the Naturalist

Jim takes Kathy out to the woods to collect edible plants and roots to meet her requirements to be promoted to Indian Princess.

Hero Father

A major Baseball team is lined up to help raise money for the hospital.

Dilemma for Margaret

Betty participates in a school club initiation that goes wrong

The Martins and the Coys

Jim and Betty's boyfriend's dad have a major business disagreement creating a feud and creating a Romeo & Juliet scenario.

Betty, Girl Engineer

Betty's high school offers internships in professions/trades and Betty opts in for a non-traditional women's field

Bud, the Boxer

Bud needs to face a bully.

Family Dines Out

The Anderson's have competing same day dinner invitations.

Family Reunion

Margaret becomes frustrated with the family not wanting to go to Lemon Falls to attend her family reunion.

The Persistent Guest

The Anderson family helps a homeless boy in the 9th grade find a new home.

The Grass Is Greener

The Historical Andersons

Bud researches the history of Major Nathaniel Anderson and is asked to present it to the PTA.

Kathy, the Indian Giver

Feeling neglected by the family, Kathy seeks someone for companionship.

The Bus to Nowhere

Betty is feeling depressed and aimless and decides to leave on a bus to anywhere $9 will take her.

Bud, the Wallflower

Bud's school throws a girls invite the boys dance and Bud is not asked to it.

The House Painter

A very experienced house painter is put to a test of his ethics by the Anderson family.

Betty Earns a Formal

Betty must earn the money for an expensive formal dress.

Betty's Brother

Bud is teased as a freshman because of senior Betty's great accomplishments.

Jim, the Tyrant

Jim has a bad day at the office and is impatient with his family that evening.

Betty Hates Carter

Jim arranges a date for Betty with the son of a friend when in town for a convention, but Betty isn't cooperating.

Bad Influence

Bud finds out that his new friend is a thief and takes the blame for Artie stealing Kathy's piggy bank change.

Stage to Yuma

The cast is on holiday but Robert Young stars in this wild west episode with indians attacking a stage coach while Jim plays the part of a bad guy.

Margaret's Premonition

Margaret's premonitions seem to be coming true interfering with some of the family's plans.

Bud, the Ladykiller

Bud tries to find a way to discourage an admirer politely.

The Spirit of Youth

Father Is a Dope

After seeing a father manipulated on the "TV box" comedy, he thinks his family is doing the same to him about his planned hunting trip.

The Big Test

Bud wants to buy a used outboard motor, but his report card science grade interferes with his plan.

Advantage to Betty

The tennis captain is angered when Betty is chosen for publicity pictures.