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Close Decision

Bud learns a lesson after he fails to keep up with his responsibilities and proves his good character.

No Partiality

Kathy is tired of hand-me-downs. trivia: when Jim calls phone number on Kathy's arm but not the same numbers.

Father Delivers the Papers

Bud's job as delivery boy is in jeopardy and Jim completes his route keeping a promise to Bud's boss.

Proud Father

Kathy, Bud, and Betty are all scared of something happening to them, and Jim encourages them to be brave.

Bud the Bridesmaid

Margaret is hosting a wedding in her home for the couple from the last episode.

The Matchmaker

Margaret plans a dinner for a couple to encourage him to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

The Mink Coat

After Jim tells family they must tighten belts in the family budget, he buys a mink coat for Margaret.

Father of the Year

Jim is entered into a father-of-the-year contest by his kids.

Jim, the Farmer

The Promised Playhouse

Jim tells Bud the complete story of a promise to Kathy about a tree-house made years ago to explain why he is very careful about what promises he makes.

Bud the Snob

Bud is bashful trying to talk to girls in his school.

A Friend of Old George's

A friend of a college friend drops by as the family is trying to celebrate Kathy's birthday.

Boy's Week

Kathy is blamed for breaking a window, and Jim must face a Boys Week Judge in court.

Sparrow in the Window

It's a cold rainy evening and Kathy finds a motionless sparrow on the windowsill.

The Christmas Story

The family takes a short road trip to find the perfect Christmas tree but a sudden storm strands them for Christmas.

Margaret Goes Dancing

Feeling nostalgic and a bit neglected, Margaret decides to take private dance lessons.

Typical Father

Betty and her boyfriend rehearse for a play and causes Jim to believe they are eloping.

Second Honeymoon

Jim asks Margaret to take off with him for a weekend alone. Blooper: In the car they talk about their kids being nearly in bed but the shadows show it is mid-day.

Thanksgiving Day

Jim changes plans for Thanksgiving to celebrate Kathy's winning poem of the fourth grade.

Bud's Encounter with the Law

Grandpa Jim's Rejuvenation

Jim wants to feel young again and his family tries to make him feel better.

Live My Own Life

Bud wants to live on his own terms and decides to move to a small apartment with one room.

Football Tickets

Jim is to take Betty to the biggest football game of the year, but a business customer blackmails him into taking him, instead.

The Motor Scooter

Margaret is not thrilled at all with Jim's purchase of a second hand motor scooter for Bud. Opening scene is great as Jim appears to be the worst scooter driver in Springfield.

Lesson in Citizenship

Jim tells his kids they need to cheerfully volunteer. Bud volunteers Jim's time, Kathy volunteers his good suit to charity, Betty volunteers to be a witness to an accident for a good looking young man.

Bud Takes Up the Dance

Jim and Betty help Bud learn to dance so he can go to the school dance with a girl.

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