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Betty's Graduation

This is a recut of season 2 episode 37. Jim discusses a letter from Kathy's school where they report Kathy is not passing her math class. Kathy tells her father that she is not really wanting to graduate from junior high school as it is the happiest time of her life. Jim recalls the story of when Betty didn't want to graduate from high school.

Not His Type

Betty's friend Diane is planning to marry George soon after college graduation. George is upset due to Diane's possessiveness and decides he wants to date Betty, and Diane agrees if he chooses Betty (saying she is not his type, the title of the episode). Trivia: This is the last episode of the series that is not a 'recut'. However CBS ran the series in prime time for three more years as it was so popular.

Bud Lives It Up

Another episode with the same rich girl from season 3 episode 4 where Bud signs for hotel extras that spends what in 2016 would be around $2,300 and must come up with a way to pay it or be kicked out of college.

Betty's Career Problem

Betty again must compete for a department store job against her college arch rival.

Blind Date

Betty is one of three finalists for the senior class Campus Queen. Her snooty friends match her up with what they call a country bumpkin as a blind date and the entire senior class is in on the joke being played on her. Betty begins to get back at them saying "Farewell dear hearts and gentle people" and parades the poor guy around to all the parties and mixers.Quotations: Betty is livid saying "I'll get even with them just you wait!". Quotation: Bud: "Pop went Rudy's little dream and so happily ends another absorbing chapter in the life of Betty Anderson, Girl Avenger".

Love and Learn

Bud needs a tutor but resists until one is a pretty girl he knows. Trivia: you will hear Betty interrupt Jim while he says "Father knows (best)" with "crows" so it is said "Father Crows (best)".

Family Contest

Betty is taking professional looking pictures of her family to enter into a Hawaiian trip contest. She offers to make an anniversary picture for their baker's family which may also be used to enter as competition in the same contest. Kathy tries to prevent them from entering as she really wants the trip for the family. Trivia: Television scripts often include the delivery milkman and their bottles in the late 50's, but rarely show a bakery delivery man. Also this is the first time Betty has been shown to be a skilled photographer and photo developer.

Adopted Daughter

This is a recut episode of season 2 episode 36. Kathy accidentally breaks picture frame holding her birth certificate. She asks Bud to help her fix it and they recall the story of when Kathy worried that she might be adopted.

The $500 Letter

A $500 check arrives mysteriously for 'one' member of the Anderson family who had helped someone some years ago. They compete to convince the others it was for a good deed each had done for someone in the past.

Bud, the Speculator

Bud learns about the danger of selling penny stocks as he buys 50 shares at $1 each of a new company, Blue Hill Copper Company. Trivia: A rare 4th wall scene shows the fireplace. In the same scene you will see Kathy's shadow as she waits for her cue to come through a curtained door.

Time to Retire

The corporate office sends a memo forcing uncle Arthur to retire as he has reached the mandatory retirement age.

Jim's Big Surprise

An excited Jim arrives home with promise of news at 4 PM. The family tries to guess the surprise. Trivia: Kathy's swim instructor will later become the mother on the series Happy Days.

The Big Test Flashbabck

Cupid Knows Best

Our friend Fronk (Frank) is back and wishes to woo a young lady, so he enlists Betty's help in writing letters to her. When the young lady asks for a photo, Frank puts in a snapshot of Jim, and confusion abounds. Trivia: Listen for Jim's thoughts in voiceover outside of the flower shop, the second time thoughts are heard this season.

Kathy's Big Deception

It is time for the community picnic and Kathy doesn't yet have a date, but tells her family she does have a date.. Trivia: you will 'hear' the thoughts of Kathy and the boy she wants to be her date while they are in Bud's car.

Second Best

Tired of finishing second best in her activities, Betty enters a fencing competition.


Professional insurance magazine writer wants to write an article on Jim and his family's togetherness and how that helps Jim's insurance business, but finds that Jim's family is just like all families.

Bud Hides Behind a Skirt

An out of character story has Bud and Betty driving through town with Bud driving like a mad man or gangster fleeing a bank robbery. When an officer on a motorcycle gives chase Bud jumps out of the car leaving Betty to being blamed for doing the terrible driving and getting 3 citations

Father, the Naturalist Repeat

Betty's Double

Selected as a look-a-like for a famous starlet, Betty learns that it isn't that wonderful to just look like somebody famous.

Good Joke on Mom

Margaret fools the family for a little while about the importance of her lady's organization position in building a new children's clinic.

Turn the Other Cheek

Jim tries to teach Kathy how to be ethical.

Bud, the Willing Worker

Bud sets his sights on a job at a fast pace service station.

Kathy Becomes a Girl

Kathy decides it is time to be a lady to be noticed by the boys in her class.

Margaret's Old Flame

Jim and Margaret join in some of the college's homecoming celebration and they both recall old flames.

First Disillusionment

Bud tries to help Kathy understand that honesty is the best policy by telling (in flashback) the story of when he applied for a newspaper job but was looked over by a boy who lied on his application about his accomplishments and experience. This is a re-cut rerun of season 1 episode 4. The networks commonly did this type of rerun during vacation and holiday weeks. Not normally in syndicated packages.

Bicycle Trip for Two

Jim and Margaret are cleaning out old things in the attic. Jim convinces Margaret to relive the experience of a bike ride when they were datinjg in high school. Listen for Jim to call her Maggy.

Bud Plays It Safe

Bud shows interest in his football coach's daughter to increase his chance of being picked for the team.

The Impostor

The Gardener's Big Day

Fronk (Frank), our favorite gardener is back this time he is selected to represent Springfield to the Governor in a new park dedication. Guest star David White as Mr. Garrett might be recognized as Darrin Stephen's boss Larry Tate from the TV show Bewitched.