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Mile 8: Helicopter Parents

Layne must make the biggest decision of her life. Will she save her parents or Vin from being destroyed?

Mile 7: On the Run

Layne and Zora hide Vin in the woods to keep him safe. Vin begins to feel guilty that he is becoming a burden to Layne and her busy schedule.

Mile 6: Vins Off Limits

Colonel Hardy declares a mysterious "Code Orange." Layne hires Mel to spy on her parents while she delivers her final speech of the presidential election.

Mile 5: Road Trip

When Layne's entire locker goes missing, she, Zora, and Vin use the missing laptop's IP address to track down the locker a few hours away. Road trip!

Mile 4: Changing Lanes

Vin tries to pinpoint his purpose, while Layne struggles to perform a physical challenge presented by her presidential rival Jasper.

Mile 3: Vin Goes Wild

Despite having just uncovered a big secret, Layne attempts to stay focused on the movie screening event that she planned for her presidency campaign.

Mile 2: Paid to Drive

Layne and Zora need money fast to replace Vin's damaged part, so they sign him up to drive for a ridesharing app.

Mile 1: the Voice in the Shed

Layne Reed's life is perfectly organized until she discovers V.I.N., a talking car with loads of personality, hidden in the shed near her home.