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Lost in Space: Part 2

Urkel fixes his spacecraft from the outside in order to return to Earth and see Laura again.

Lost in Space: Part 1

Urkel and Laura postpone their wedding when he is launched into space in order to test his latest gadget.

Pop Goes the Question

Laura faces a dilemma when both Urkel and Stefan ask for her hand in marriage.

Don't Make Me Over

After a cosmetic makeover, Myrtle decides she likes her old self better.

Throw Urkel from the Train

Carl spends a weekend with Urkel after his nerdy neighbor unwittingly joins him on a business trip.


Urkel takes Laura to Chicago's biggest polka festival in an effort to bond with her.

Whose Man Is It Anyway?

Myrtle and Greta decide to settle their fight over Eddie in the boxing ring; 3J looks for his biological mother.

Crazier for You

Crazy for You

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Urkel and Myra break up, and Eddie decides to drop out of college to become a cop.

Grill of My Dreams

Urkel impresses Laura with his new cooking talent and manages to save a Japanese restaurant from a fire; Carl baby-sits a parrot.

Deck the Malls

Original Gangsta Dawg

Trouble comes to town when Urkel's cousin, Original Gangsta Dawg, pays a visit and clashes with both Carl and Laura.

A Pain in Harrassment

Urkel can win $1 million by sinking a halftime shot at an LA Clippers game; Harriette has trouble with her boss.

Trading Places

Stefan and Urkel trade places to test Laura's feelings; Eddie tapes the police department for a school project.

Stevil II: This Time He's Not Alone

The ventriloquist dummy Stevil and his new friend Carlsbad haunt Urkel and Carl.

A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read

A scientific accident leaves Urkel with the ability to read minds.

Who's Afraid of the Big Black Book?

For Eddie's 21st birthday bash, Urkel mistakenly uses his little black book for the guest list.

Drinking and Jiving

Laura drinks too much at a fraternity party; Carl and Harriette make conflicting surprise plans for their anniversary.

Dumb Belle of the Ball

Eddie feels obliged to escort Myrtle to the ball after she saves his life.

They Shoot Ducks, Don't They?

Urkel tags along when Carl goes duck hunting with his boss; Laura loses her mother's diamond earrings.

Out with the Old

Steve gets a make-over in preparation for Laura's sorority auction; Carl is threatened by Harriette's promotion.