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Extra Virgin: A Tuscan Thanksgiving

Music Man

These days Gabriele's known for his cooking, but his other passion has always been music. Debi and Gab are off to the iconic jazz club Birdland to see their friend Arturo O'Farrell play, but not before Gabriele makes a Cafe Shakerato, a quick pick-me-up! Gabriele makes a deal with Arturo that if he cooks for him, he can play in his next show at Birdland. Gabriele and Debi cook up a wonderful Tuscan meal of Shaved Artichoke on Arugula and Parmesan, Bresato Al Barolo and Gabriele recreates an old family recipe when he makes Panelle. Arturo is true to his word and Gabriele gets to fulfill a lifelong dream.

All About the Girls

Family time is a priority to this clan, and Debi and Gabriele always make sure they each have quality time with their daughters. Debi and Giulia cook up a delicious breakfast Fritatta, while Gabriele and Evelina head to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for some father-daughter time. And Debi has a full circle moment when she takes her daughters to her childhood home. Back in the kitchen, Debi and Gabriele make some family favorites, Polenta Pasticciata and Lentil Salad With Burrata. After a long day, they sit down and enjoy a delicious family meal.

Tuscan Soul Food

One of Debi's oldest friends Fab Five Freddy has lived in Harlem for years and wants to show Debi and Gabriele some of his favorite haunts. They're leaving the girls behind today, so Debi and Gabriele whip up a Torta di Carote for an after-school snack. In Harlem, Freddy introduces them to chef and restaurateur Alexander Smalls. They all head to Alexander's apartment for a delicious dinner of Polenta Incanita with Pork Belly Cubes and Alexander's Black-Eyed Peas and Arugula Salad. Tuscan Soul Food at its finest!


Debi, Gabriele and the kids have never gone camping together as a family. Gabriele has always wanted to go, but it has taken a long time to convince Debi how fun camping can be. Finally, Debi has agreed to give camping a shot -- for just one night -- so they pack up the car, the kids and Robert and head upstate to a campground in the Catskills. Gabriele gets the fire started and makes a delicious Camp Fire Flatbread. They take in some local activities, before firing up the grill for the perfect campside stew, Impruneta Peposo. And Debi creates a tasty Farm Stand Salad. It's the perfect camping experience ... until Mother Nature steps in.

Chianti Romance

What's more romantic than Italian wine country? Debi and Gabriele are taking the afternoon to explore the Chianti region, and pick up the ingredients for a fabulous dinner. Before they head out, they make a quick Panino Chianti Giano. They end their romantic afternoon at the breathtaking Fattoria di Montecchio, one of the most beautiful wineries in Tuscany. Back in their kitchen, Debi and Gabriele keep the romance going with Ragu di Cianghiale and they make it a sweet ending with Ricotta Cheesecake. Romance is always in the air in wine country!

Better Than Bacon

Gabrielle has always wanted to visit Colonnata to experience the unique and unbelievably tasty Colonnata lardo; it's a delicacy that both he and Debi adore. Before their trip, the couple make an easy delicious Tuscan Kale and Lardo Crostini. Once in Colonnata, they'll meet with the master lardo makers to see what goes into the six month to two year process to make one of the world's most delicious luxuries. And of course, they can't leave without trying it! Debi and Gabrielle will feast on the world's best lardo before heading back to their kitchen to make Coniglio Fritto and Tortiera di Carciofi.

Nonna's 90th Birthday

Gabriele's Nonna has turned 90 and he wants to celebrate! Debi and Gabriele head to the local pastry shop to learn how to make the Torte Della Nonna, a mouthwatering local specialty. Before the family arrives, Debi and Gabriele make a Chicken Liver Crostini appetizer. And then they get started on the birthday feast of Wood Oven Spit Roasted Guinea Fowl and Treviso e Fagioli. It's a birthday Nonna will never forget!

Liquid Gold

Debi and Gabriele are in Italy for olive harvest season and Gabrielle is eager to share this time-honored tradition with his girls. But first, he gets the family fueled up with some of his Olive Oil Muffins. He invites the neighbors and gets the whole family involved to shake the olives from trees. From there, we'll see just how the family olive oil is made. With their fresh olive oil in hand, Deb and Gab get started on some simple and delicious Tuscan dishes -- first, Pasta e Fagioli, then Pollo al Mattone, a traditional chicken dish on the fire and, finally, Fire Roasted Chestnuts. It's the perfect harvest feast!

Truffle Hunting

Truffles are a delicacy all over the world, and hunting for them can be just as fun as eating them. In this episode Debi and Gabriele are surprising the girls with an afternoon adventure to Pisa where they'll meet up with a well-known truffle hunter and tag along with him and his dog as they scour the woods looking for the rare and tasty mushroom. Later in the show, Gabrielle and Debi will use any truffles they find to make a delicious meal for the whole family to enjoy. With recipes for Crostini With Porcini and Stracchino, Simple Omelet With Shaved Truffles and Ravioli With Parmesan and Truffle Butter Sauce.

End of Summer BBQ

Debi and Gabriele decide to throw the ultimate barbecue and they turn their backyard into a petting zoo! On the menu are Mint and Lime Lamb Chops, Roasted Pepper and Mozzarella Skewers, Farfalle With Anchovies and Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Hazelnut Gelato.

Tuscany on the Hudson

Gabriele is homesick for the beautiful Tuscan countryside and Debi wants to show him that he can get a taste of Tuscany just by driving a couple of hours north. Debi and Gabriele head to N.Y.'s Hudson Valley for some fresh air and good, farm-fresh ingredients. Back home, they settle in and put their ingredients to use by cooking up a big family meal to eat outside in their backyard. After a fun filled day and delicious food, Gabriele will feel like he's home.

Classic Car Cookout

Gabriele loves cars and Debi loves classic style. Their passions collide as they head to Oyster Bay for a Classic Car Cruise Night. Together they'll check out some beautiful vintage cars, meet the car enthusiasts that own them and maybe test-drive one or two of their favorites. If Debi can manage to pull Gabriele away from the engines they cook up a little feast and feed their car-loving friends in the parking lot surrounded by beautiful, classic automobiles.

Weekend on the Cheap

New York is an expensive city, but it doesn't have to be! Debi and Gabriele are determined to do a New York weekend on the cheap. They'll take a bike ride over the Brooklyn Bridge, enjoy some inexpensive treats at a local sweet shop and visit a unique bakery in Spanish Harlem. Then they'll cap it all off by making dinner for the whole family for under $15.