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Love, Italian Style

It's the day before their vow renewal ceremony, and after visiting a medieval castle with their daughters, Debi and Gabriele decide to test cook two of the recipes for tomorrow's reception - a pesto lasagne and a shrimp, farro and watercress salad. While making their homemade pesto with a mortar and pestle, Gabriele's grandmother, Nona Lola, stops by for a visit and is introduced to Delores. Before eating their dinner, Debi and Gabriele venture to their basement to gather olive oil made from the olives on their property. The next morning is finally the big day. The guests arrive and the happy couple walks down the aisle once again. With a menu full of the delicious and traditional flavors of Tuscany, including the pesto lasagne, shrimp, farro and watercress salad, meats, cheeses, and a multitude of all things Tuscan, the party is a success.

Romance and Tiramisu

With the family settling in to life in Tuscany and the vow renewal ceremony just a few days away, Debi and Gabriele make plans for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Debi spends some quality time with her mother-in-law, Anna Lisa, making her own tiramisu recipe. Everyone at the bachelorette party enjoys the delicious homemade tiramisu and toasts to Debi. Meanwhile, Gabriele cooks up a feast at his best friend Patrizio's Florence apartment. Gabriele's guests join them for a dinner of octopus salad and spaghetti w/ anchovies, garlic, tomato, capers and olives (Spaghetti alla Puttanesca). At the end of their evening, Debi and Gabriele reunite for a romantic evening in the place where they first met, and enjoy Debi's homemade tiramisu.

Welcome to Tuscany

The Mazar family is finally in Tuscany. Debi and her daughters, Evelina and Giulia, spend the first morning roaming their country property, picking fresh berries and figs. Their first day brings plenty of family bonding time, with Gabriele's family stopping by for a Ricotta and fresh berry breakfast. After breakfast, Gabriele teaches Debi to drive a stick shift on the streets of Fiesole, but Debi soon realizes that she's not quite cut out for life in the fast lane. Debi still manages to get to town with Robert and her poodle Delores for a sightseeing trip at the ancient roman ruins. For dinner, Gabriele has a few of his Florentine friends over for a meal of pasta with pig cheek (Pasta alla Gricia), porterhouse steak (Tagliata alla Fiorentina), pork sausages, garlic sauteed spinach, and grilled potatoes.

Tuscany or Bust

It's finally time for the Mazar clan to head to Tuscany for a little "R&R" and for Debi and Gabriele to renew their vows, but the preparations are anything but relaxing. And before they go, Debi and Gabriele also decide to teach Evelina and Giulia the value of a dollar so they have their own money for Tuscan souvenirs and keep sakes. The family decides to open their very first bruschetta stand to raise a little money. Meanwhile, Debi and Gabriele realize they can't leave their chickens alone during their trip so they begin a search for a qualified chicken nanny. For Dinner Gabriele makes a meal straight out of the country traditions of Tuscany - Turkey sausages with beans (Sausages with Fagioli all "Uccelletta), fried artichokes and a traditional Florentine cake for dessert (Schiacciata alla Florentina)

What About Dolores?

Before the family heads to Tuscany for Debi and Gabriele's vow renewal they need to make sure Debi's 18-year-old poodle gets a clean bill of health to travel from her vet. Debi's planned an entire day of pooch pampering, but Gabriele has invited friends over for dinner so they can help him write a special surprise song for their upcoming vow renewal reception. Gabriele agrees to tag along with Dolores if Debi helps him make dinner. Together they make a traditional beef stew with polenta and string beans with cherry tomato for their guests.

Lasagna to the Rescue

Tuscany vow renewal preparations are in full swing when Debi gets a call that her dress probably won't be ready in time for their ceremony in Italy. She begins to panic, but Gabriele swoops in to calm her down with a special treat, Affogato, a warm espresso drink topped with rich vanilla ice cream. Their wedding stress calls for homemade Tuscan comfort food and the two decide to make their traditional three-meat lasagna (Lasagne alla Bolgnese) and sit down for a romantic dinner.

Debi Get Your Gun

Debi and Gabriele's day begins with them making a homemade pasta lunch with fresh zucchini for their daughters Evelina and Giulia to take to camp. As they send the girls off for the day Gabriele asks Debi to go to a shooting range with him so they can take in some target practice. Debi is shocked by this request and even more shaken to find out that Gabriele thinks it's important because the land that their Tuscan home sits on is overrun by wild boar. Debi reluctantly agrees to go to target practice, but it turns out she's a natural born shooter. The day's activity inspires Gabriele to make a traditional hunter's meal for dinner

Mozarella and Magic

With their impending Tuscan trip just days away things are more hectic then ever at the Mazar home. Debi and Gabriele decide to take a breath and plan a special day for their daughters Evelina and Giulia. They treat the girls to a magic themed party in their backyard complete with Gabriele as the head magician. Evelina and Giulia help with the preparations and make homemade mozzarella cheese from scratch. Later Debi and Gabriele finish the party's menu, which includes homemade pizza, bruschetta with mozzarella and tomato, pasta with pesto, and organic marble cupcakes.

Food Truck Fun

Debi and Gabriele raise money for a local Los Angeles Food bank, Midnight Mission, by selling a few of their Tuscan homemade favorites on the streets of Los Angeles. For the event they make bruschetta with sauteed mushrooms, turkey meatballs and one of Gabrielle's family recipes - Arancini di Riso (risotto croquettes). Debi is in her element as she uses her best waitress skills to sell their food from the window of a food truck.

Motorcycle Diary

With their daughters at camp all day Debi and Gabriele plan their first romantic picnic. To prepare they visit a local gourmet to pick up delicious cheeses and olives before heading home to make Gabriele's Tuscan biscotti, a traditional Panzanella salad and mixing up a spicy honey dipping sauce. Gabriele surprises Debi by renting a sexy red motorcycle to make their date extra special, but getting Debi to jump on and hold tight proves to be a struggle.

Marry Me... Again!

Debi is treated to a wonderful ricotta pancake birthday breakfast that Gabriele makes with their daughters Evelina and Giulia. After breakfast Debi's best friend Robert takes her shopping while the rest of the family plans her biggest birthday surprise to date. Gabriele and the girls pick out a new vow renewal ring so Gabriele can ask Debi to remarry him in Tuscany. Gabrielle pops the renewal question during Debi's birthday party where he makes homemade pizza and Orecchiette pasta with fresh radicchio.

Chickens Come Home

After making the family a breakfast scallion frittata Gabriele longs for the days when he had fresh chicken eggs straight from his grandmother's Tuscan farm. Debi reluctantly decides to support his idea of getting chickens but when they bring the chickens home the backyard becomes a three-ring circus. After a day of chasing chickens, Debi and Gabriele decide to end the chaos with Italian comfort food - Spaghetti with red sauce and Spinach Gnocchi balls made with sage and butter.

Holy Guacamole

Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos share their love of Tuscan cuisine in this series. In the premiere, they build a pizza oven in their yard and have a summer barbecue for friends. Dishes include grilled marinated chicken, caprese salad and grilled vegetables.