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Oh Baby!

With two weeks to go in the pregnancy, Eric and Jessie start prepping for their move to NY and the baby surprises them with an early arrival.

Contracts and Contractions

With Eric's career in flux and Jessie's pregnancy scare, the Deckers look to each other and friends for comfort and support.

Back in Action

Preparations for the baby are in full swing as Eric's football season ends and his focus is solely on Jessie and her pregnancy.

We're Going to the Super Bowl!

With Eric focused on the biggest game of his career, Jessie and her family are taking in all the glitz and glam of Super Bowl weekend in New York City.

Shower Me with Germs

Triple Decker

With Jessie's due date fast approaching and Eric's chances of making it to the Super Bowl becoming a reality, the parents-to-be prepare for major life changes.