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R.I.P Youth

Jennie ends up being reminded that she is getting older with Halloween, and her 42nd birthday just around the corner. Donnie attempts to take Jennie's mind of growing older.

McCarthy Madness

When Jenny and her family head to Florida to pitch a show for the Home Shopping Network, Donnie and Macky stay behind to plan a surprise for when she gets back. After spending quality time together, Donnie has a proposition for Macky.

Fort Wahlberg

Elijah is coming to visit St. Charles and Donnie wants to build a fort for him in the woods behind their house. Unfortunately, Jenny is at home sick, so Donnie has to juggle taking care of Jenny while overseeing construction with Johnny.

Hometown Hero

Donnie and Jenny head to Dallas where Jenny is giving the keynote speech at an autism conference. Once they return home to St. Charles, Jenny wants to show Donnie what a huge impact he’s had on her and Evan’s life.

Denny Does Dallas

Donnie is being honored at Chicago’s South Shore High School, which happens to be only a few miles away from Jenny’s childhood home. Joined by Jenny’s family, the couple takes a trip down memory lane exploring all the places that shaped Jenny into who she is today.

Going Once, Going Twice

Jenny has her hands full planning an anniversary gift for Donnie and working on the charity auction for Generation Rescue. With a little help from Donnie, the event turns out to be the biggest fundraiser in Generation Rescue’s history.

Lookie Loos

As Donnie and Jenny have settled in to their St. Charles home, they’ve noticed an increased number of fans coming onto their property. Donnie and Jenny must come up with a creative idea to get some privacy and follow the rules at the same time.

Birthday Cruise

The couple settle into their new home and celebrate Donnie's first birthday in St. Charles; Jenny fears her baby boy is gone forever when Evan enters adolescence.

Ride It Out

Donnie hopes to keep his edge by purchasing a new motorcycle, but passing the vehicle's test proves to be a challenge; Jenny needs to take care of business at the DMV.