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Daytime Talk Pilot

The team produces a morning show pilot entitled "Beekin and Eggs."

Gas Prices

The KHBX team pursues alternate career choices following rumors of possible layoffs.

Christian Convention

The KHBX crew attempts to better understand religion by attending a Christian music and gaming expo.

The Wrong Brighton

KHBX's plans to cover a national kidnapping story go awry when the team travels to the wrong state.

Assignment: Team Building

A negative focus group review sends the KHBX news crew on a team bonding trip in the woods.

Assignment: Republican Leadership Conference

The team hopes for national exposure while covering the Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

Assignment: Spring Break

Tillie and the news team investigate spring break debauchery while Alan records a club jam.

Assignment: Undercover Homosexual

After sensitivity training, the KHBX team attempts to expose homophobia in an undercover piece.

Assignment: Bodybuilders

KHBX's news team attends sexual harassment training before delving into professional bodybuilding.

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